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James & Nancy Digby: Basic Family Information

                  THE JAMES & NANCY (              ) DIGBY (OR DEGBEE) FAMILY

   1818 - ?                                                                                           ca. 1822 - ?
James Digby                                                                                Nancy (              ) Digby

James Digby was born about 1818 in Georgia.  He married a girl named Nancy; she was born about 1822 in South Carolina.  One source says that Nancy is supposed to be a Cherokee Indian.  In 1850, James is listed as a carpenter in Attala county, Mississippi.  At this time, they had the following children:

I.  Martin Van Buren Digby ("Martin"): He was born in 1843 in Mississippi.  His first wife was (1) Susan V. Ledbetter.  They had the following children:
     A.  Mart Digby:
     B.  Robert:
     C.  Bert Hendrick: (listed on the 1880 Grimes county, Texas census; not sure of relationship, but listed as a son).
Martin Van Buren Digby's second wife was (2) Elmira Tennessee Barnes; they had the following children:
     A.  James H. Digby:
     B.  William Seaborn Digby ("Will"): He married Mattie Minerva Wallace.
     C.  Claud Digby:
     D.  (Boy):
     E.  Alta Digby: She married D McKay.
     F.  L. Guy Digby:
II. Elizabeth Digby: She was born about 1845 in Mississippi.
III. John Digby: He was born about 1847 in Mississippi.
IV. Emily Digby: She was born about 1849 in Mississippi.

In 1850, Frederic Beall was staying with them; he was a 26 year old farmer, born in Georgia.

1.  1850 Attala county, Mississippi census (household # 1244/ 1252.  Recorded October 28, 1850 by E.H. Sanders.  page # 174, typed number on right side of page).
2.  Genealogical query posted by Emily Haire in October, 2002.

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