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George Washington Griffin & Mary Elizabeth (House) Griffin Family

The Family of 
George Washington Griffin & Mary Elizabeth (House) Griffin

George W. Griffin                                                                      Mary Elizabeth (House) Griffin
     1883 -  1947                                                                                          1885 - 1981

George Washington Griffin ("G.W.") was born on May 14, 1883 on his grandfather's farm in Milam county, Texas.  He was the son of Joseph Griffin ("Joe") and Susannah Elizabeth Edwards ("Susan"), who were pioneer settlers of the Val Verde community in Milam county.  They had moved from Van Zant county in east Texas to Milam county.  George had five brothers and four sisters.  G.W. went to Thomas Arnold school (High School or Academy) in Salado, Texas.  The school superintendant offered G.W. a chance to stay with him and go to school, but he felt like he needed to stay with his parents.

On December 30, 1885, G.W.'s future wife, Mary Elizabeth House ("Bettie") was born in Pontotoc, Mississippi; they were married on November 29, 1903 by a Rev. Lewis at the Methodist parsonage in Milam county.

VI.  Mary Elizabeth House ("Bettie"): She was born on December 30, 1885 in Pontotac, Mississippi.  She married George Washington Griffin ("G.W.") on November 29, 1903 in Milam county, Texas at the Methodist parsonage.  G.W. was born on May 14, 1883 (?) on the family farm in Milam county, Texas (?).  His parents were Joseph Griffin and Susannah Elizabeth Edwards.  G.W. Griffin's family moved to Milam county, Texas from Van Zant  county in east Texas.  Three places G.W. and Bettie resided in Bell county were: Salado, Val Verde, and Belton.  G.W. died on October 24, 1947; he is buried in the North Belton cemetery in Belton, Texas.  Bettie (House) Griffin died on November 21, 1981 at Crestview Manor Nursing Home in Belton, Texas and is buried in the North Belton cemetery.  They had the following children:

The Children of G.W. & Bettie Griffin:

     A.  Ivy Griffin: She was born on November 28, 1904.  She was Baptist by faith and schoolteacher by trade.  Ivy died in 1948 in either Milam or Bell county, Texas; she is buried in the North Belton cemetery in Belton, Texas.  She married Lynn Moore on December 24, 1928.  They had children.

     B.  Pearl Griffin: She was born on February 15, 1907 east of Salado,Texas in Bell county.  She was a teacher by occupation; she was of the Methodist faith at first, then became affiliated with the Disciples of Christ church soon after her marriage in 1929.  Her family attended the First Christian Church in Belton, Texas.  She married Martin Van Digby ("Mart") on December 7, 1929 at the Methodist parsonage in Belton, Texas.  Mart was born on April 1, 1907 at home in Santa Anna, Texas in Coleman county.  He worked as a clerk and ran "The Car Mart" in Belton for many years.  He was in the Civil Service at Fort Hood in Killeen, Texas during World War II.  His religious faith was at first, Baptist, then later was Disciples of Christ.  Mart died on August 22, 1966 at Scott and White hospital in Temple, Texas and was buried the next day at 4:00 pm in the North Belton cemetery in Belton, Texas.  His parents were William Seaborn Digby ("Will") and Mattie Minerva Wallace ("Mattie").  Mart and Pearl had children.

     C.  Jewell Griffin: She was born on September 30, 1910 near Salado, Texas.  She married Hubert Johnny Elsik on September 8, 1934 in Temple, Texas in Bell county.  He was born on February 3, 1908 in Burleson county, Texas.  He was a public school administrator; they have resided in Snook, Amarillo, Killeen, and Houston, Texas.  He was an instructor at Air Cor during World War II.  He is a member of the Christian church.  He died on February 24, 1963 in a Houston hospital and is buried at Memorial Oaks cemetery in Houston.  His parents were John F. Elsik and Teresa Kocurek.  Jewell's occupation was that of a registered nurse.  She was an Episcopalian in 1979, but later became Methodist.  They had children.

     D.  LaRena Griffin ("Rena"): She was born on August 15, 1914 near Salado, Texas in Milam county.  She married Carl Alfred Shine ("Alfred") on May 25, 1935 (6) at the Everett Boarding House in Teague, Texas (Freestone county).  He was born on April 24, 1914 in Belton, Texas.  He was a telegraph operator by occupation and Methodist by  faith.  His parents were James Edmond Shine and Ella Kirchner. Rena was also Methodist and a telegraph employee.  She died on March 22, 1985 in Waco, Texas (McLennan county) and was buried on March 25th in Waco Memorial Park.  They had three children:
Alfred had a second wife named (2) Lucille Barach; they were married in 1987.  Carl Alfred Shine died on February 13, 2003 in Papillion, Sarpy county, Nebraska.

     E.  Georgia Ruth Griffin ("Georgia"): She was born on February 24, 1924 in Val Verde, Texas.  She married Arnold Roen; they met when she worked at the Air Force base in Waco,Texas.  Georgia later worked at the Registrar's office at Mary Hardin Baylor College, which helped pay for their children's education.  Georgia was a musician, did oil painting, and was a housewife.  For a period of time, Georgia worked for Glenn Blair at his office at Hill Top Courts; she had a desk in the back room of his office and helped with bookkeeping.  The death of Carol, her youngest child, was very difficult for her.  They are Baptist by faith and attend First Baptist Church in Belton, Texas.  Georgia died at the end of 2016; her funeral was at First Baptist Church in Belton, Texas where she and Arnold were very active.  It was stated at this service that they had written down their life story for their family.  Craig Pearson spoke at the service.  The Pearsons were Swedes and the Roens were Norwegian.  Arnold and Mr. Pearson would "go at it" all the time in fun with a twinkle in their eyes.  Pastor Andy Davis said that one of Georgia's most memorable quotes regarding Arnold was, "Don't get him started".  Arnold had a great sense of humor, was a wonderful storyteller, and a great mechanic/ handyman.

Georgia and Arnold had  the following children:
          1.  Janet Roen:
          2.  Karen Roen:
          3.  Carol Beth Roen: She was born on October 18, 1952 and died on April 20, 2006 after many years of struggling with a brain tumor.  She was cremated and her ashes were spread among the wildflowers in her back yard.

     F.  Virginia Doris Griffin ("Doris"): She was born on October 9, 1928 at home in Val Verde, Texas.  She married Kenneth Herrington on October 20, 1951 at First Baptist Church in Belton, Texas.  He was born on October 12, 1927 at home in the Killeen, Texas area.  He was an M.P. (Military Police) in the Army for eighteen months.  His parents were Felix Harvey Herrington and Sarah Manurvia Burris.  They had children.

1. The Shine/ Bledsoe family tree (JTravelson): For Carl Alfred Shine's date/ location of death.

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History of "The Belton Car Mart", Belton, Texas (Digby Family)


Summary of the Digby automobile business 
from the website of Digby Auto Sales while at the Sparta Road location. 

"Digby Auto Sales - Home of Quality Autos"
Martin Digby sold his first car in Belton, Texas in 1921.  In 1946 he and his brother opened Digby Brothers Auto Sales on the corner of 2nd and Penelope street in Belton.  In 1953 Martin Digby then opened The Belton Car Mart on East street in Belton.  His son Dwayne entered into the car business with his dad after high school.
After the death of Martin Digby in 1966, Dwayne stayed in the car business  for a year and then became a partner in the Ford dealership in Belton.  After selling the Ford dealership, he later started Digby Auto Sales in 1993.  His son Craig, who also grew up in the car business, became a partner with his dad and soon after Digby Auto Sales was started".

During a conversation with Dwayne Digby on July 11, 2015, he told me the following:
"In the early 1930's, Mart Digby sold his first used car in Belton.  He and Odell Hyer had a service station at the intersection of First street & East street.  There was an empty lot that was part of the service station.  Sam Street was a Pontiac dealer in Temple.  He asked Mart if he could put some of his cars on the empty lot and sell them.  I'm not sure how long this lasted.  In the early 1940's, Mart Digby was a security guard at Camp Hood (later Fort Hood).  Following this, he had a service station on North Main in Belton (where the "Mufflers & More" shop is now in 2015).

(Note from Gale Cosper: Dwayne was working for the phone company before the following jobs).

(1946 - 1953)  DIGBY BROS. AUTO SALES:
Location: Penelope & 2nd Streets.  Belton, Texas

In 1946, Mart Digby and Emmitt Digby opened Digby Brothers Auto as a used car lot; it was just south of where Pittman's Cleaners is now (2015).  They were together here until 1953, when they split.

Digby Bros. Auto Sales office (View is SW to NE).
In the above picture, Mack Digby is the one sitting on the car on the left.  The man next to him with the tie is Dr. Julian Sewell (In fact, that may be Dr. Sewell's car).  Mart Digby is standing in the middle with his 8-year old son, Dwayne and Lynn Moore is standing on the right with his hands on his hips (Another source thinks this person is Emmitt Digby).  Dwayne Digby later told me that William Seaborn Digby is inside the screen door and if the light hits the picture just right, you can see him.

Osie (Cearley) and Janie _________ (Mart Digby behind them).
Digby Auto Sales & The Tiger Den
(Source: Kay (Cearley) Thornton)

1950s: Mart Digby and Windy Wallace sold cars at the vacant lot where the Digby and Blair families sold watermelons.  Emmitt Digby ran the "Tiger Den" Lunch Room in the Digby Bros. Auto Sales building.  The Lunch Room was a burger place and many students would eat dinner in the large back room before their prom....  Gale (Digby) Cosper said it was a good place for groups or parties.  This is the lot where Glenn Blair eventually built the new First National Bank building.  The watermelon stand was in the same block at Digby Bros. Auto Sales in the above picture.

Glenn Blair said that he and his future wife, Jeannine Digby, did some of their dating on the same block where Digby Auto Sales was located.  Glenn and his father, H.O. Blair, hauled fruit out of the Rio Grande Valley for A & P Food Stores.  They made a deal with the Digby family to sell watermelons at their lot.  They would haul in a truckload of watermelons and park it on the lot.  Long tables with attached benches were set up for people to eat and they would sell the watermelon by the slice, half a watermelon....  Years later, when Glenn worked at the First National Bank in Belton, he wanted to build a new bank on this location and eventually did so.

(1953 - early 1960s) THE BELTON CAR MART:
Location: at North East & First street in Belton, Texas
(Immediately south of the Minimax grocery store and across the street from The Bargain Barn).

Mart Digby in his office at "The Car Mart" on North East street
in Belton, Texas.  (The door was to the right; there was a
waist-high brass cigarette stand next to the door).

Mart Digby inside the covered car
area of "The Car Mart". Odell Hyer's
gas station would be located to the left
of this picture. (View is east to west).
Mart Digby outside his office at "The
Car Mart" on North East street. This is the last
picture taken of Mart before his death (note
the hospital bracelet on his arm).

After Mart and Emmitt split up in 1953, Mart and Sam Street began "The Belton Car Mart" at East & 1st street.  The Mauler family owned the property and rented the building to Mart & Sam for $ 50.00 a month.  The building on the property looked the same when both the Maulers and Mart & Sam had it.  The building was originally a trucking terminal for Brown Express.  Mart Digby's office was the old Brown Express office.  Originally, there was a wooden loading dock under the shed, but this was torn out for the car lot.  Mart and Sam worked together for two years, then Mart bought Sam out.

From the 1950s to 1966, Mart Digby ran "The Cart Mart" on North East street in Belton, Texas (across from "The Bargain Barn" where his wife Pearl worked later; there was no "Bargain Barn" the first time Mart worked in this location, according to Gale Digby Cosper).  Mart moved to the East street location when Emmitt Digby put the ice cream shop in at the watermelon lot.

The Car Mart (when it was located just south of Minimax grocery store and just west (across the street) from The Bargain Barn.  The Minimax store was adjoined to  The Car Mart on the north side.
Dwayne said that when the Minimax store was later being torn down, two tombstones were found in the space between Minimax and The Car Mart.  They found out that they were not graves, but tombstones from a company that sold tombstones.  Dwayne Digby summarized the transition to this new location: - "Sam Smart had a Pontiac business in Temple, Texas.  Mart Digby and Odell Hyer owned the gas station together.  Sam wanted Mart to sell some cars for him on the vacant lot they had next (immediately north) of the gas station, which he did.  Sam and Mart went into business together, thus "The Car Mart".  Sam put up the money for it.  Sam had the second office (the one attached to and just west of Mart's office).  Sam wanted to go into business in Temple, so Windy Wallace went into business with Mart and used the second office.  Windy ran for constable.  In 1962, Dwayne worked for Mart and used the second office Dwayne shared the following story: "I graduated high school in 1957.  I went to Temple Junior College for one semester, then got the Asian flu.  I was home recovering for about a week. When I was feeling better, I went to the car lot.  Mart asked me, 'Are you going back to school'.  I replied, 'Not if I have to'.  He replied, 'Well, you better start working then' and that's when I went to work at the car lot".  Mart wanted to start a wrecker company, so Dwayne went out there with Joe Cosper to run it.  Dwayne shared the following story: "One day Mart came back from Peoples National Bank.  He said, 'Mr. Kelly wants to talk to you'.  It turned out that he wanted to talk with me about being a teller at the bank.  I worked there for nine months.  I was working here when Mart asked me to go run Highway Auto Parts (Everyone called it "the wrecking yard") with Joe Cosper".  Mart Digby went to The Car Mart the day before he died.  He died when he was 59 years old.  Dwayne kept running The Belton Car Mart until August, 1967.

Info. from Gale (Digby) Cosper: "The Car Mart" and the "Hi-way Wrecking Company" both existed at the same time, but the "Hi-way Wrecking Company" was built later.

HI - WAY WRECKING CO. (built after June, 1960)
Location: East side of IH-35 just north and across the highway from Hill Top Courts)

Hi-Way Wrecking Company (East side of IH-35 just NE of Hill Top Courts).
(Notice that IH-35 is just one lane of traffic each direction at this time)

Mart Digby owned the Hi-way Auto Parts.  He bought the bare land.  He bought 2-3 old World War I Mess Hall buildings from Fort Hood and put them together.  Mart asked Dwayne Digby and Joe Cosper to run it.  Jack Killingsworth and Billy Ed Wilson were always hanging around there.  The company didn't do enough business.  Dwayne  was in the National Guard and was called to active duty in October, 1961, so he left.  Billy Ed Wilson bought the company and turned it into a heavy equipment company (Billy Ed was Mart Digby's nephew).  Mart sold the wrecking yard to in late 1961 or early 1962 when Dwayne was af Fort Polk, but leased the property.  Archie Guyer bought the property.  Later, he sold the property pretty quickly.  Billy Ed Wilson bought it later from the person he sold it to.  Pearl Digby worked here for Billy Ed Wilson scheduling things and dispatching calls to the wrecker.  This was a great blessing to Pearl because it helped her transition to the work force after Mart died.

Mattie (Digby) Wesson told me that Mart Digby would buy cars at the auction in Austin and then have his kids drive them back.  Rita (Digby) Locklin and Dwayne Digby relayed the following story:
"Mart and Pearl's family were visiting relatives in New Mexico.  We stopped in Eastland, Texas on the way back and bought a car.  New tires on their car threw the speedometer off.  Mart told Rita to drive the new car back and to 'keep up' with him.  Mart was driving too fast and didn't know it, but Rita knew it.  She had just gotten her driver's license.  The highway patrol pulled them both over and gave them tickets.  Mart was later eating at the R & M Cafe on Main street in Belton, Texas with two other men from the wrecking yard.  Mart saw a friend of his also eating lunch, so he decided to buy the friend's lunch as well as the two men sitting with him.  His friend later said to Mart: 'I appreciate you buying my lunch, but I was surprised you bought the other guy's lunch since he was the one who gave you those two tickets in Eastland'".

(Late 1962 - early 1963)  THE BELTON CAR MART:
Location: Central Avenue in Belton, Texas.

1963 - "The Belton Car Mart" office on Central Avenue in Belton, Texas.
(Office faced south towards Central Avenue.  View is SW to NE).

1960's - Cars & Sign in front of office.
(View is NE to SW).
SE to NW view of office.
(Note the machine shop in back).

Machine Shop behind (north) of the office. (View is south to north).
(Pic. taken in 1963; Mart Digby walking in front of the shop).

Late 1962 - early 1963: Mart Digby ran "The Belton Car Mart" on Central Avenue in Belton, Texas (It was west of Butch's restaurant at the time on the same side of the street.  It's where a convenience store and Taco Bell are now).  Rita did not think that Dwayne was involved in it at that point, but Dwayne came in later.  When Mart Digby died of stomach cancer in 1966, Dwayne ran the car lot briefly, then he went to work at the Ford Dealership just outside the south city limits of Belton right on Interstate highway 35.  Eventually, Dwayne and Johnny Boren owned that dealership (which everyone called "the Ford house").

THE CAR MART (2nd time at this location)
(Location: North East street in Belton, Texas)

The Bargain Barn.  Belton, Texas
Image by Billy Blair on March 12, 2007

Gale (Digby) Cosper was pregnant with her son Johnny Ray when "The Bargain Barn" was opened.
Mart Digby died of stomach cancer in 1966.  Dwayne Digby still worked at The Car Mart.

(Note: The dealership was located less than a quarter of mile north of the current Belton Expo. Center and was on the west side of I.H. 35, just off the access road).

Dwayne Digby worked for Mr. Kelly Albritton at the Albritton/ Boren Ford House on the west side of IH-35 about 1/5 mile south of Hill Top Courts in Belton, Texas.  Dwayne began working here in August, 1967.  In 1969, Dwayne bought 5% of "the Ford House", which is what people called the dealership.  Between 1969 and 1975, Dwayne increased his percentage to 10%.  When Mr. Albritton retired in 1975, Dwayne's percentage became 25 % and he and Johnny Boren purchased the Ford House.  They changed the name to "Boren/ Digby Ford".  

They sold the Ford House to Glenn Gantenbeim in May, 1979.  Dwayne and Johnny went to work for him as commission salesmen (Brookshire worked with them).  Dwayne worked here as a salesman until June 3, 1988.

Johnson Brothers Ford in Temple, Texas

Dwayne worked for Johnson Brothers Ford after he left Gantenbeim (the "Ford house) on June 3, 1988.  This was a satellite site used car lot.  Dwayne worked here for three months; he left in August, 1988.

Ron Ringles Chevrolet in Temple, Texas.

Dwayne began working here as a Used Car Manager in August, 1988.

Sonny Wooley property on Holland Road in Belton, Texas

Dwayne opens "Digby Auto Sales" on March 1, 1993.  At this location, Dwayne Digby goes out on his own to sell cars.  He shared a lot with Longhorn Auto.  (Longhorn Motors is still located at this location as of 2015).

(ca. October, 1994) Place between Ford House on IH-35 and Hill Top Courts in Belton, Texas

Dwayne built a place to sell cars which was north of the old Albritton/ Boren Ford House and south of Hill Top Courts next to IH-35 (west side of the highway).  This is when Craig Digby, Dwayne's son, joined him.

 (Location: Just north of the Main street and 24th Avenue intersection on the west side of Main street).

Source: The Belton Journal newspaper. Belton, Texas

Digby Auto Sales:
2206 Holland Road.  Belton, Texas
(Intersection of Loop 121 and FM 436).  939-7535

This is the same location as Sparta Road and Main street in Belton.  Dwayne said in 2015 that he moved to this location on January 2, 2005.  Dwayne owned this property for a couple of years before building on it; it contained three acres (It contained the land which is now the Big Red Drive In). When they owned the land, Sparta road didn't connect with Main street.  Gale Cosper said that Dwayne owned a place at this location, but that he also still owned the place between the Ford House and Hill Top Courts on IH-35.  The Sparta Road & Main Street location was where Dwayne's son Craig Digby was in business with him.  After he sold the lot (but not the business) at Sparta Road and Main street about July, 2006, Dwayne went back to the location between the Ford House and Hill Top Courts (He still owned and leased out this lot while at the Sparta road location).  Dwayne sold this lot in July, 2008 to the same people who bought the Sparta Road location.  This is the location that he retired from.  The final chapter of Digby Auto Sales ended on December 31, 2008.

1.  Dwayne Digby conversation with Billy Blair on April 22, 2012.
2.  Digby Auto Sales website.
3.  Dwayne & JoAnn Digby photos.
4.  The Belton Journal newspaper.  Belton, Texas (Digby Auto grand opening photo).
5.  Gale (Digby) Cosper & Jeannine (Digby) Blair conversation with Billy Blair on December 26, 2014.
6.  Kay (Cearley) Thornton.
7.  Dwayne Digby conversation with Billy Blair on January 5, 2015.
8.  Dwayne Digby and Gale (Cosper) Digby conversation with Billy Blair on July 11, 2015.
9.  Gale (Digby) Cosper conversataion with Billy Blair on October 6, 2005.
10. Dwayne Digby: July, 2006.
11. Rita (Digby) Locklin & Dwayne Digby, July 31, 2006.
12. Mattie (Digby) Wesson, July 31, 2006.

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PEARL (GRIFFIN) DIGBY: Recollections of childhood and Family's History

Recollections of childhood and Family History

Pearl and Billy Blair were driving through the area where she grew up (east of Salado, Texas in Bell county).  This is a transcription from a cassette tape I had recording in the car at the time). 1979.

(We began the journey driving east from Stagecoach Inn in Salado, taking the back, country roads).
(Side 1 of the cassette tape):

(Still needs to be transcribed).

(Side 2 of the cassette tape):
"John House was a farmer.  They lived over at Little River/ Academy.  One time, a long time ago, they lived down at Val Verde, but that was beyond my (Pearl Digby) memory.  

When I was a child, in the Fall they would have the fields plowed.  The Griffins planted corn and cotton and they had bigger furrows than now.  On one side of the Griffin place, there was a family with four girls.  On the other side of us was a family who had several boys (I think there were two girls, but the boys were our age).  They would all come over to our house and we would play 'Hide & Seek' at night out in the plowed field.  My daddy played with us.  We really had some good times - no money, no picture shows, no parties.  It was a good, clean fun.

Daddy (G.W. Griffin) liked to hunt - squirrels, rabbits.  He used to let us go with him to the river bottom when he was hunting.  I remember in Spring time he would take his shotgun and push away the leaves to show us the first violets coming up.  Some kids don't remember little things like that, but I think they mean a lot.

G.W. Griffin had sandy red hair.  Bettie Griffin's hair was black; at her death, it still had a lot of black.

My older sister Rena had beautiful auburn hair (like Arla Herrington's hair, except darker).  I always admired people with distinct color in their hair; mine was always 'mousey'.  
(Note: On the tape, we discuss directions going toward Holland on the way to Belton).

"My grandmother told me that Joseph Griffin came home from the Civil War with corn shucks tied to his feet for shoes.  His feet were bleeding.
(Talk to Elsie Coles ... was Elsie McQueen.  The aunt that Pearl lived with daughter).  (The landscape has changed).

An old couple used to live in this area that bought cars from Mart Digby for years and years. They came to his funeral.  I was bothered because at the cemetery they stood way off from the crowd by themselves.  They were a black couple.  They were as good a friends as grandaddy ever had - I wish they hadn't segregated like that.
(We are now in Holland, Texas).

Mart and I married in December and then I taught school until the school term was out.  This was the muddiest, black road you ever saw in your life.  He had an old Chevrolet roadster that hugged the ground then.  Every time he came down here, he would get that thing stuck and couldn't get it out.  One time, he just had to leave it and get our old Model T to come back home.  He would come down on Friday and I'd go to Belton on the weekend.  There were a few times when the weather was so bad, that if he got down here, he stayed.  These roads were really something!

There used to be a country school right there - Cybert.
They had to have schools close together you know, because kids had to walk.  Roads were impassable - sometimes it wasn't even easy to walk".
(Note: We saw 4 deer during the trip).

Note: This is the end of the cassette tape).

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Hilry Swan's Record Book, Part 2


(NOTE:The first part of Hilry Swan's Record Book  can be found under the September, 2013 posts).

Page 167:
Book for 1899

May 31  Sold to Dr Payne 119 1/2 
   bu corn at 30 cts per Bu
                                       $    35.87 1/2  X

Aug 30  Due Clant Mcqueen for
work 4 days at 75 cts            $     3.00  X  Paid

Sep 16  Sold 2 Bales Cotton at 5 3/4 cts
             1057 lbs .  .  .  .        $    60.77  X

Sep 16  Payed to Pony & Sam Mcq
  for picking 1053 lbs cotton $     4.21  X

By Jennings   562 lbs          X       2.25  

Sep 27  Rec out of Clant
   Mcqueens Cotton              $     8.35  X

Oct 4  Payed to John Jennings
for picking Cotton                 $     5.20  X

Oct 7  Payed to Ellin Jackson
   for Cotton Picking              $     2.05  X

Oct 7  Loaned to 
       Clant Mcqueen             X$     3.90  X  Paid

Oct 7  Rec out of Pony Mcqueens

       Cotton crop                     $     8.90  X

Page 168:
Book for 1899

Oct 14  Payed to John Jennings
   For Picking Cotton             $     0.80  X

Oct 20  Sold 3 Bales Cotton at 7 cts
1631 lbs                                 $ 114.17  X

Oct 20  Payed to Ernest Caldwell
    For Picking Cotton           $     5.17  X

Oct 24  Rec. out of Clant’s Cotton
   Crop                                    $   46.52  X

Oct 26  Rec . out of John Jennings
      Cotton                             $   36.40  X

Nov 2  Rec out of ______ (Hiser; Kiser) Cotton
            Crop                           $  76.16  X

.. 3  Sold 4 Bales Cotton
at 6.85   2204 lbs                $ 150.97  X

.. 3  Rec out of John Jennings
      Cotton                            $   99.35  X

Nov 3  Rec out of Ponys
          Cotton                        $     9.25  X

..  4  Rec out of Clants
      Cotton                            $   18.10  X

Nov 4  Payed to
           Ernest Caldwell for

Cotton Picking                     $     2.60  X

Page 169:
Book for 1899

Nov 2  Sold one Bale of Cotton at 6.80
            545 lbs                     $    37.06  X
Nov 8  Rec out of John Jennings
            Cotton crop            $    10.15  X

Nov 10  Loaned to Clant
              Mcqueen               $   40.00  X

Nov 19  Settled with _____ (Hiser; Kiser) to
             the 16th Bale for Jinning
           and Seed
Nov 19  Payed to Dennis Roberts
        For Picking Cotton     $     2.58  X

Nov 23  Payed to Ernest for
       picking Cotton             $     6.85  X

Nov 23  Sold 3 Bales Cotton at 6.85
              1558 lbs                 $ 106.72  X

Nov 28  Rec out of John Jennings
              Cotton Crop          $   27.65  X

Mo 28  Rec out of Ponys Cotton
             Crop                        $   08.90  X

Nov 28  Rec out of Clants
         Cotton Crop               $ 141.45  X

Nov 28  Rec out of _____ (Hisers; Kisers)

            Cotton Crop            $   26.45  X

Page 170:
Book for 1899

Nov 29  Rec out of _____ (Hisers; Kisers)
       Cotton crop                 $   71.40  X

Nov 29  Rec out of John Jennings
              Cotton Crop         $     9.15  X

Dec 2  Sold one Bale Cotton
          At 6.90  518 lbs       $   35.75  X

Dec 6  Bought 15 lbs Tobacco
           at 42 ½ cts. per lb  $     6.40  X

Dec 13  Rec out of John Jennings
              Cotton Crop        $     4.65  X

Dec 15  Rec out of _____ (Hisers; Kisers) Cotton
              Crop                     $     7.15  X

Dec 15  Settled with _____ (Hisers; Kisers) in
    Full to date on Cotton Crop

Dec 17  Rec out of Clants
      Mcqueens Cotton     $   14.00  X

Dec 17  Settled with Clant
On Cotton crop to date

Dec 19  Bought Shugar 347 lbs
at 5.31 ¼                          $   18.40  X
..  ..  Coffee 133 lbs at

        9 ¾ cts                      $   12.97  X

Page 171:
Book for 1899

Amount of Money rec for cotton in 1899

Hill Swans Crop               $ 505.15  X
Clant Mcqueens Crop    $ 246.42  X
John Jennings Crop        $ 200.91  X
Jes ___ (Hisers/ Kisers) Crop  $ 189.91  X
Pony Mcqueens Crop    $  47.35  X
Total amount for Cotton $ 1189.74

Jan 16  Rec out of Pony Mcqueens
            Cotton crop         $   20.30  X

Jan 22  Rec out of Clants
     Cotton crop                $   18.00  X

Jan 27  Rec out of ____ (Hisers/ Kisers)
           Cotton Crop         $      8.75  X

Feb 12  Rec out of John Jennings

              Cotton Crop      $    11.00  X

Page 172:
Book for 1900

Jan 3  Bought 26 gal molasses
..  ..  at 45 cts per gal     $   11.70  X

Jan 22  Bought Black
        Smith tools              $   55.00  X

Feb 19  Rec of Bob Low $   20.00  X

Mar 20  Bought Molasses 54 gal
            at 43 8/9 per gal $   23.70  X

                 (Misc. Math calculations) 

Page 173:
Book for 1900

Oct the 1th  Rec out of Sam
   Mcqueens Cotton       $   27.05  X

Oct 2  Payed to Dr. Roach  12.20  X

Oct 7  Payed to Dr Roach     2.15  X

Oct 17  Payed for one
       Wagon                      $   50.00  X

Nov 1  Payed to M__le Armstrong
         … for goods      ..   $   29.05  X

Nov 1  Borrowed of
            ­­­­­_____ Hagler          $ 100.  Dollars
      Due Jan the 1th 1901    Paid  X

Nov 4  Rec out of Clant Mcqueens
Cotton Crop  …              $   11.55  X

Nov 11  Rec out of Sam Mcqueens
..  ..        Cotton Crop    $    11.25  X

Nov 10  Rec out of John Jennings
              Cotton Crop     $    21.30  X

Nov 22  Rec out of John Jennings
              Cotton Crop     $    12.90  X

Nov 23  Rec out of Robinsons

              Cotton Crop     $    48.70  X

Page 174:
Book for 1900

Nov 28  Rec out of Sam Mcqueens
..  …  Cotton Crop          $    24.15  X

Dec 2  Rec out of Robinsons
..  …     Cotton Crop       $    11.55  X

Dec  4  Rec out of Clants
             Cotton Crop       $    24.00  X

Dec 5  Rec out of Pony Mcqueens
            Cotton Crop        $    13.00  X

Dec 7  Rec out of Sam Mcqueens
            Cotton Crop        $    13.15  X

Dec 7  Rec out of Clant Mcqueens
            Cotton Crop         $    11.93  X

Dec 19  Bought of Clant Mcqueen
             3 pigs at 1.50 per head  $ 4.50  X

Dec 21  Rec out of Pony Mcqueens
..  ..        Cotton crop       $      5.35  X

Dec 22  Rec out of John Jennings
              Cotton Crop       $    19.14 ½  X

Jan 9  1901 Rec out of Pony
    Mcqueens Cotton       $    10.60  X

Page 175:

Jan 6  Rec out of Dennis
        Roberts Cotton         $    22.65  X

Jan 9  Rec out of Sam Mcqueens
..  …  Cotton Crop             $    11.15  X

Jan 18  Rec out of John Jennings
..  ..  Cotton crop              $    12.55  X

Jan 21  Rec out of Robinsons
             Cotton Crop         $     7.00  X

Page 176:
Book for 1901

Jan 4  Clant Mcqueen Due
..  ..    Hill Swan                  $     7.17  X

Jan 22  Borrowed of George Hagler  X
..  ..  $ 300.  Dollars due                   X
 X        Dec the 25th 1901     Paid        X

Jan 29  Sold 3 head of
..  ..  yearlings                      $    26.00  X

Feb 8  Sold one Cow           $    20.      X

__ 17  Rec of Clant Mcqueen
for                                          $      5.00  X
Balance Due Paid                 $     2.17  X

Nov 22  Paid to Clant Mcqueen
              For well diging        $     5.00  X

Page 177:
Book for 1901

..  ..  George Wilkerson commenced
Work Jan the 3th after noon
..  ..  at $ 16 Dollars for month

Jan 5  Bought for Wilkerson
..  ..  Tobacco                         $     025.  X

Jan 12  Payed to Wilkerson  X  $  100

Losttime No. of Days ½ ½ ½ ½ ½ ½ ½ 1 ½

Jan 18  Bought for Wilkerson
..  ..  Tobacco                         $      .25  X

Feb 2  Payed to Wilkerson  $    3.50  X
Feb 7  Payed to Wilkerson  $    1.25  X

Feb 16  Tobacco                    $ 35.      X
..     23                                         40       X
Mar 2  Payed to Wilkerson     10.00  X

Mar 23  Payed to Wilkerson $  2.50  X

Mar 30  Payed to Wilkerson  $     .25  X
Apr 6     Payed to Wilkerson  $     .35  X
Apr 12   Payed to Wilkerson  $ 20.00  X
Apri18  Payed to Wilkerson      00.15  X

Apr 20  Payed to Wilkerson      00.50  X

Page 178:
Book for 1901

Ernest Caldwell Commenced
work Feb the 21th at $ 14 Dollars
          per month

Mar22  Payed to
Ernest Caldwell                       $     4.50  X

Lost time No of days  1

Apr 7  Payed to Ernest           $     1.00  X
Apr 20  Payed to Ernest         $   10.00  X
May 2  Payed to Ernest                 2.50  X

Balance due on first mo              10.00  X

Ernest Commenced work May the 2th
At $ 15. Dollars per mo

Losttime No of days 1 ½ 11111 1

Oct 9  Settled with Ernest Caldwell
          In full for work

Page 179:
Book for 1901

Apri 23  Sold to Wilkerson
..  ..  one pair gloves to             $    0.75  X
Apr 27  Payed to Wilkerson     $    5.10  X

May 2  Payed to Wilkerson          10.75  X
    Wilkerson quit work May
     the 1th 1901
     Total amt Payed to Wilkerson 59.35  X

Aug 27  Due Clant Mcqueen
             on Cotton  Paid             $     4.55  X

Sep 14  Rec of Nunly
           for Corn                            $     5.00  X

Sep 14  Payed to Nunly
           for Well digging               $   12.00  X

Sept 21  Payed for
               Cotton picking              $     6.60  X

Oct 18  Payed to Mounce
       For well digging                    $     9.75  X

Nov 22  Rec out of Clant Mcqueens
              Cotton Crop                    $   17.22  X

Dec 1  Rec out Nunlys
           Cotton Crop                       $   11.45  X

Page 180:
Book for 1901

Aug 27  Rec out of Clant Mcqueens
              Cotton crop                     $   35.45  X

Sep 14  Rec out of
              Nunlys Cotton                 $   20.00  X

Sep 28  Rec out of Clant Mcqueens
              Cotton Crop                     $   96.70  X

Oct 9  Rec out of Mounces
           Cotton Crop                        $   30.45  X

Oct 10  Rec out of Mounces
              Cotton Crop                     $   10.95  X

Oct 10  Rec out of Roberts
              Cotton Crop                     $   20.10  X

Oct 11  Rec out of Nunlys
             Cotton Crop                      $   93.70  X

Oct 18  Rec out of Mounces
             Cotton Crop                      $   22.35  X

Oct 21  Rec out of Nunlys
             Cotton Crop                      $   12.15  X

Nov 6  Loaned to Mounce           $     6.00  X

Nov 5  Sold 23 ½ Bu of Corn to
  D.V. Roberts at .65 cts per Bu   $X 15.27

Page 181:
Book for 1901

Aug 28  Sold 2 Bales Cotton at     $     8.45
      Per hun  1086 lbs                      $    91.75  X

Aug 28  Due Texanna
              On Cotton                           $    66.55  X

Oct 8  Sold 9 Bales Cotton at 7.70
 per hun 4857 lbs                             $ 373.95  X

Oct 10  Sold 1 Bale of Cotton
             At 7.80  538 lbs                    $    41.95  X

Oct 23  Sold 1400 lbs seed
         Cotton at 2.70 per hun           $    37.80  X

Nov 9  Rec out Dennis Roberts
            Cotton Crop                            $   18.50  X

Nov 19  Rec out of Mounces
..  ..  Cotton Crop                                $    10.20  X
..  .. 
..  ..  Rec out of Nunlys
    ..  Cotton Crop                                 $    26.50  X

Nov 22  Sold one Bale Cotton
at 685  523 lbs                                     $    35.82  X

Dec 10  Rec out of Nunlys

              Cotton Crop                            $    10.25  X

Page 182:
Book for 1901

Ernest Caldwell Commenced work
Nov 26 at $ 12.50 Twelve dollars and fifty cts per
  Month   $ 12.50  X
                Paid                                        X      250   X
Dec 24  Payed to Ernest                     $    10.00  X
Dec 10  Bought Shugar 343 lbs
..  ..  at 5.38 ½ per hun                        $    18.47  X

Dec 10  Sold Corn 291 Bu
              At 65 cts per Bu                      $  189.15  X

Dec 12  Rec out of Mounces
             Cotton Crop                              $    20.90  X

             Sold to D.V. Roberts
One Bridal         .      .                             $      1.50  X
One Halter        .      .                             $       1.00  X

             Due D.V. Roberts  X
               for well digging  X .            X   S      6.70  X

Mar 1  Sold Cotton seed
             To D.V. Roberts  X

              Sold to Sam Howard
10 Bu Corn at 75 cts                              $      7.50  X

Page 183:
Book for 1902

Ernest Caldwell Commenced work                       X
Jan 2 1902 at $ 12.50 Twelve Dollars  X
  and fifty cts per month  Paid            X

March 1  Loaned to Clant Mcqueen    $    10.00  X

May 1  Loaned to Sam Howard  X        $      5.00  X

May 8  Sold to D.V. Roberts 20 Bu
  Corn at 75 cts per Bu                            $    15.00  X

May 8  Bought of D.V. Roberts one
Bull yearling at                                          $    12.00  X

May 16  Sold to Charly Henderson
               10 Bu Corn at 75 cts per Bu     $     X7.50
Rec of Henderson on Corn                               7.00  X
May 19  Loaned to Nunily                       $       5.00  X

June 12  Due Sam Howard
      for Halling Oats                                   $       1.50  X

Aug 23  Rec out of Nunilys
             Cotton Crop                                  $       9.65  X

Aug 26  Rec out of Clant Mcqueens
              Cotton Crop                                 $     10.65  X

Aug 30  Rec out of Mounces

              Cotton Crop                                  $    10.25  X

Page 184:
Book for 1902

Sept 3  Sold 1 Bale of Cotton for
        Texanna 530 lbs at 8 ¼ cts                       43.70  X

Sep 9  Rec out D.V. Roberts
            Cotton Crop                                              9.75  X

Sep 20  Rec out of Clants
              Cotton Crop                                  $       1030  X

Sep 20  Sold one Bale Cotton
             for Texanna 540 lbs
at 8.10 per hun                                           $      4374  X

Sept 20  Rec out of Nunleys Cotton
                Crop                                              $      4171  X

Sep 22  Rec out of Mounces
          Cotton Crop                                       $     20.75  X

Sep 24  Rec out of D.V. Roberts
            Cotton Crop                                     $     66.20  X

Sep 26  Rec out of Clant
             Mcqueens Cotton                          $ X  10.65  X

Oct 3  Loaned to D.V. Roberts                   $     12.50  X

Oct 8  Rec out of D.V. Roberts
           Cotton Crop                                       $    32.95  X

Oct 11  Rec out of ______

             Cotton Crop                                     $    21.00  X

Page 185:
Book for 1902

Oct 14  Rec out of Mounces
              Cotton crop                                     $    20.00  X

Oct 18  Rec out of Nunnielys
              Cotton crop                                     $    30.33  X

Oct 18  Payed to Nuniely on
              Cotton jinning                                  $     5.00  X

Oct 19  Rec out of Mounces
              Cotton crop                                           21.00  X

Oct 23  Rec out of Cants (Clants?)
              Cotton Crop                                     $    10.00  X

Oct 24  Sold 2 bales Cotton at 7.62 ½ per
              Hun weight  510
                                     522                              $    78.69  X
Oct 24  one bale at 7.80                                     37.44  X

Oct 29  Rec out of Nunnilys
              Cotton Crop                                      $    10.35  X

Oct 31  Loaned to
             Dennis Roberts                                  $    20.00  X

Nov 1  Rec out of Nunnielys
            Cotton Crop                                         $    10.75  X

Nov 1  Loaned to
       Mrs Mounce                                             $        .50  X

Nov 6  Loaned to Mounce                             $      5.00  X

Page 186:
Book for 1902

   Ernest Caldwell Commenced
Work Oct the 14th at 14. Dollars
   per month
Oct 14  Lost time No of days  ½ ½

Oct 24  Bought for Ernest
  One pair shoes                                            $       2.50  X

Oct 31  Payed to Ernest                               $       4.00  X

Nov 6  Payed to Ernest                                $        1.00  X

Nov 11 Payed to Ernest                               $        5.00  X

Dec 16  Payed to Ernest                              $      15.00  X

Settled in full                                                                     X

Dec 20  Sold to Calahan 10 Bu __ 48 lbs
   Wheat at .75 cts per Bu                            $        8.00  X

Dec 20  Sold to Nunniely 3 ½ bu
           Wheat at 75 cts per Bu                     $        2.60  X

Jan 10  Settled with Munnely
             for Jinning Cotton                                                X

Page 187:
Book for 1902

Nov 27  Rec out of Nunnielys
               Cotton Crop                                     $       3.30  X

Nov 9  Rec out of Mounces
            Cotton Crop                                        $       9.50  X

Nov 10  Rec out of Roberts
             Cotton Crop                                       $     39.30  X

Dec 13  Rec out of Nunnielys
              Cotton Crop                                      $       3.75  X

Dec 13  Sold Cotton                                      $      11.75  X

Dec 15  Sold one Bale Cotton
              at 6.65 per hun                                $      39.03  X

Dec 20  Rec out of Mounces
              Cotton Crop                                     $      21.05  X

Dec 20  Rec out of Clants
              Cotton Crop                                     $       5.00  X

Dec 23  Rec out of Nunnielys
              Cotton Crop                                     $       2.79  X

Dec 24  Loaned to Mounce                         $       9.00  X

Jan 9  Rec out of Mounces
           Cotton Crop                                         $     19.06  X

Jan 10  Rec out of Mounces
             Cotton Crop                                        $       9.80  X

Page 188:
Jan 11  Payed to W.M. Copeland
  for Picking Cotton for
         Mounce   .  .  .                                         $      1075  X

Jan 11  Payed to Sam Smith for
picking Cotton for
              Mounce  .  .                                         $       3.10  X

Jan 11  Payed to Charly Swan
   for Mounce                                                    $       4.00  X

Jan 21  Payed for picking Cotton
       For Mounce                                               $       6.00  X

Jan 24  Rec out of Mounces
             Cotton Crop                                         $       9.80  X

Jan 31  Rec out Nunileys
             Cotton Crop                                         $       2.00  X

Amount of money rec out of Cotton
crop of 1902

Texana               Crop                                        $    87.44 
Hill                         “                                            “  129.47 
Roberts                 “                                            “  148.20 
Mounce                “                                            “  162.20
Nunniely               “                                            “  114.60
Clant Mcq             “                                            “    46.60

Total Amt Rec                                                     $  687.51

Page 189:
Book for 1903

Ernest Caldwell Commenced work
Jan 1 at $ 14.50 per month

    Lost time No of days  ½ lll ½ lllll

Jan 5  Payed to Ernest                                     $        2.25  X
 ..  30 Payed to   …                                                      1.00  X

Feb 7  Payed to Ernest                                    $        5.00  X

Feb 20  Bought 1 Pr Boots                              $        3.00  X

Feb 23  Payed to Ernest                                             5.00  X

Mch 8  Payed to Ernest                                              3.50  X

Mch 26  Payed to Ernest                                 $         1.25  X

Apri 11  Payed to Ernest                                  $         1.00  X

Apri 19: Payed to Ernest                                  $       20.00  X

          Ernest Caldwell quit work
June 17th 1903

Aug 1  Due Ernest Caldwell
            for work                                                  $       34.85  X
Oct 23    Payed      -                                                     25.70  X
                Balance Due                                       $         9.25  Paid

                Settled in full

Page 190:
Book for 1903

Sep 6  Borrowed of J.Y. Caldwell
                                                                             $         3.00  X

Sep 13  Borrowed of
            J.Y. Caldwell                                           $       10.00  X

Sep 27  Rec out of Nunnalys
            Cotton Crop                                           $       22 70  X

             Bought for Calahan
             Tonic quinine                                                  0.75  X

Oct 13  Sold 2 Bales Cotton at 8.80 per hun
             1123 lbs                                                 $      98.82  X

Oct 17  Rec out of Nunnalee
             Cotton Crop                                          $      25.70  X

Oct 19  Rec out of Clants
             Cotton Crop                                          $      11.70  X

Oct 22  Sold too bales Cotton
  at 9.35   1075 lbs                                            $    100.51  X

Oct 22  Payed to Sellers
            for Ernest Caldwell                                       15.70  X

Oct 23  Payed to Wilkerson
             of Ernest Caldwell                               $      10.00  X

Oct 30  Sold 2 Bales Cotton
        At 9.65 per hun                                        $    102.20  X

(Page 191 and page 192 are missing from the bound copy)

Page 193: (Note: page 193 is on the back of page 190).
Book for 1903

Oct 31  Loaned to
..  ..       J.Y. Caldwell .                                       $       10.00  X

Nov 3  Rec out of Nunnalees
            Cotton Crop.                                          $      25.15  X

Nov 11  Rec out of Dennis Roberts
..  ..       Cotton Crop                                          $      42.50  X

Nov 14  Rec out of Nunnalee
..  ..        Cotton Crop                                         $      27.60  X

Nov 28  Rec out of Calahans
..  ..        Cotton Crop                                         $      12.80  X

Dec 5  Rec out of Nunnalees
..  ..     Cotton Crop                                            $      10.90  X

Dec 5  Loaned to J.Y. Caldwell                      X$     10.00  X

Dec 5  Rec out of Clants
            Cotton Crop                                           $      14.60  X

Dec 13  Rec out of Nunnalees
              Cotton Crop                                         $      15.00  X

Dec 14  Sold 2 Bales Cotton
        at 11.35 per hun
                 997 lbs                                               $    113.15  X

Page 194:
Book for 1903

Dec 16  Rec out of Nunnalees
..  ..  Cotton Crop                                               $      14.50  X

Dec 20  Rec out Dennis
            Roberts Cotton                                      $        7.10  X

Dec 20  Rec out of Calahans
             Cotton crop                                           $      16.55  X

Dec 24  Rec out of Nunnalees                                             lll (Note: could just be marks on the paper)
..  ..       Cotton Crop                                          $      10.40  X

Dec. 24  Sold 1610 lbs Cotton
in seed at 4.10 per hun                                    $      66.01  X

Jan 2  Rec out of Nunnalees
..  ..    Cotton crop                                             $      10.15  X

Jan 7  Rec out of Roberts
..  ..     Cotton crop                                            $        6.50  X

Jan 7  Rec out of Calahans
..  ..  Cotton crop                                               $        2.50  X

Page 195: (Note: The last number of this page has been cut off, but I think it's page 195.  This page is on the back of page 194).
Book for 1904

Amount of Cotton Received for
    Cotton in 1903

     Hill Swans Crop                                            $   480.65  X
     Nunnalees Crop                      …                       162.10  X
     Calahans Crop                         …                         31.85  X
     Dennis Roberts                ..  ..                             56.10  X
     Clants Mcqueen             .   .   .                           26.30  X
     Total amt Rec in 1903                                $   757.00  X

     Book for 1904

Feb 6  Sold 50 Bu of Corn to
          Ben Clark at 50 cts
               Per Bushel                                          $      25.      X

May 27  Sold  528 Bu
         corn at 51 cts per bu                            X$    271
Jul 30  Sold  199 Bu of wheat at
    80. cts per Bu                                                $    159.33  X

Page 196:
Book for 1904

   Ernest Caldwell commenced work
January the 4th at                                              $     15.  Dollars
  Per month

  Losttime No of Days  l ½ ½ l ½

Apr 6  Payed to Ernest                                      $    20.00  X

May 31  Payed to Ernest                                  $    50.00  X

Aug 1  Payed to Murrah for
..  ..  Ernest Caldwell                                          $    20.00  X
Settled in full

Aug 8  Loaned to
            Nunnalee                                                 $      2.00  X
Sep 1  Rec out of Johnny
        Caldwells Cotton                                        $    15.15  X

Sep 1  Rec of Johnny
            Caldwell on corn                                     $    20.      X

Sep 10  Rec out of Dennis
               Roberts Cotton                                      $    14.75  X

Sep 24  Rec out of Roberts
              Cotton crop                                             $    14.00  X

(Page 197 and page 198 are missing from the bound copy)

Page 199:  (Note: The last number of this page has been cut off.  This page is the back of page 196 and I believe it is page 199).

Book for 1904

Sep 28  Rec out of Nunnalee
              Cotton crop                                             $    66.40  X

Oct 12  Rec out of Johnny
              Caldwells Cotton                                    $    37.35  X

Oct 29  Rec out Nunnalees
          Cotton Crop                                                 $    68.70  X

Nov 16  Rec out of John
               Caldwells cotton                                    $    24.60  X

Nov 16  Rec out of Nunalees
                Cotton Crop                                           $    48.65  X

Nov 25  Rec out of Nunnalees
               Cotton Crop                                            $    44.10  X

Dec 13  Payed to Bob Lowe
            for Sam Howard                                        $      0.50  X

Dec 17  Due John Caldwell
..  ..       for work                                                  X$      3.85  X
..  ..
             Due Ernest
             Caldwell for work                                  $X      6.50  X

Dec 22  Sold to John & Ernest Cald
              45 Bu oats at 36 cts                               $    16.20  X
Feb 24  Paye in halling                                        $      3.00  X
Mch 4  Payed in hawling
                    Brick                                                   $      1.50  XX

Page 200:

Book for 1904

Dec 26  Sold 466 ½ Bu of Corn
              at 40 cts per Bu                                       $  186.60  X

Jan 17th  1905  Rec out of
         Nunnalees Cotton                                        $      8.75  X

Feb 24  Sold 15 Bales Cotton
              At 7.15 per hun                                        $  577.00  X

Mch 2  Rec out of Roberts
             Cotton Crop                                                $    36 75  X

May 4  Sold 10 head of
             Cattle to Gibbins                                        $  140.00  X

June 14  Johnny & Ernest Caldwell Payed
On Oats in thrashing                                                       8.00  X
Jn 17  Payed on Oats in
        H_______________                                       $       2.60  X

July 5  Loaned to
..  ..     Ernest Caldwell                                            $       1.00  X
July 6  Loaned to
..  ..      John Caldwell                                               $X    1.00  X

Page 201: (Note: The last number of this page has been cut off, but I believe it to be page 201).

Book for 1905                                             1905

     Jim Drake commenced work
     January the 9th at $ 16.50 per month.

     Lost time  No of Days   l ½ lllll  lllll  ½ ½  lllll  lllll
                                             ½      ll

    Jan 14  Payed to Drake                                        $      2.00  X

Feb 6  Payed to Drake                                              $      3.00  X

Feb 18  Payed to Drake                                            $    10.00  X

April 1  Payed to Drake                                             $    10.00  X

Apri 10  Bought for Drake
               Tobacco 1 lb                                                 $      0.50  X

April 15  Payed to Drake                                            $      5.00  X

Apri 24  Payed to Drake                                              $   11.00  X

     Drake quit work
Apri 24          Settled in full

Page 202:
Book for 1905

          Bayed for Cutting
                    Wheat                                                              33.75  X
          Payed for twine                                                        10.65  X

June 14  Payed for thrashing                                            46.00  X

June 17  Payed for halling wheat                                       5.25  X
  Total amt Payed out                                                   $    95.65  X

June 17  Sold 492 bu 5 lbs
               Wheat at 85 cts Bu                                         $ 418.27  X

Rec out of Cotton Crop 1905

Aug 28  Rec out of Nunnalees
   …        Cotton Crop                                                      $    13.55  X

Sept 1  Sold one Bale Cotton
..  ..       1022 ½ per hun
              525 lbs                                                               $    53.68  X
Sept 2  Rec out of Johnny
             Caldwells Cotton                                                     13 68  X

Sept 6  Rec out of Nunnalees
               Cotton Crop                                                     $    13.80  X

Sept 6  Rec out Ernest
             Caldwells Cotton                                               $    13.00  X

Sept 7  Sold one Bale Cotton
             at 5.88 per hun 490                                          $  118.26  X

Page 203: (Note: The last number of this page has been cut off, but I believe it to be page 203).

Book for 1905

Sep 8  Rec out of John
             Caldwells Cotton                                              $    12.68  X

Sep 8  Loaned to John
            Caldwell                                                              $      1.00  X

Sept 23  Rec out of Nunnalees
               Cotton Crop                                                     $   26.65  X

Oct 11  Rec out Johnny
              Caldwells Cotton                                              $   28.85  X

Oct 23  Rec out of nunnalees
              Cotton crop                                                       $   63.70  X

Oct 25  Rec out of Ernest
              Cotton crop                                                       $   39.85  X

Oct 26  Sold 4 bales Cotton
..  ..  at 10.07 ½ per hun
..  ..  2047 lbs                                                                   $ 206.25  X

Nov 17  Loaned to
..  ..  J.Y. Caldwell                                                            $   10.00  X

Nov 22  Rec out of Nunnalees
..  ..  Cotton Crop                                                            $   27.90  X

Nov 27  Rec out of Nunnalees
               Cotton crop                                                      $   13.05  X

Page 204:

Book for 1905

Ross Lay commenced work
Nov 8 1905 at $ 15.00 per month

Lost Time no. of days  ½ ½ lllll  ll                                                   X

Dec 9  Payed to Ross Lay                                               $   10.00  X
   .. 14 Payed to Ross    ..                                                        5.00  X
Dec 31 Payed to Ross Lay                                                      5.00  X
             Settled in full

Book for 1906

Ross Lay commenced work
Jan 2  1906 at $ 15.00 per month

  Lost time No of days  ½ ½ ½ ½ lllll  lllll  ½ ½ ½
  ½   lll  ½
Jan 11  Sold to Ross

     One pistol                                                                   $   15.00  X

Jan 27  Payed to Ross                                                    $     5.00  X
Mar 4  Payed to Ross                                                     $     5.00  X
Mar 13  Payed to Ross                                                          2.00  X
Mch 24  Payed to Ross                                                          5.00  X
Apr. 4  Payed to Ross                                                             2.00  X
Apr 20  Payed to Ross                                                            2.00  X
May 5  Payed to Ross                                                           10.00  X
May 13  Payed to Ross                                                           2.00  X
May 19  Payed to Ross                                                           5.00  X
June 2  Payed to Ross                                                             2.00  X
June 8  Payed to Ross                                                             1.00  X
           Settled in full

Page 205:
Book for 1905

Dec 16  Rec out of Nunnalees
              Cotton crop                                                      $        3.10  X

     Book for 1906

Jan 1     Loaned to Clant
              Mcqeen                                                              $     10.00  X

Jan 18  Sold one Bale Cotton
             At 10 ½ cts 558 lbs                                             $     58.60  X

Jan 20  Sold Seed Cotton                                               $     13.55  X

Jan 20  Rec out of John Caldwells
             Cotton crop                                                         $       7.93  X

Jan 27  Rec out Ernest
             Cotton crop                                                         $       9._5  X

Feb 2  Rec out of Nunnalees
           Cotton Crop                                                           $    19.45  X

Mch 28  Loaned to
               Clant Mcqueen                                                  $X 15.00  Paid 10.00
              Bal Due                                                                  X    5.00  X
Apr 7  Loaned to
     X    Joe Stone   X                                                                   2.00  X
June 7  Sold Corn to Clant
        X   5 Bu 64 lbs at 50 cts                                             X
             per Bu

Page 206:
Book for 1906

July X7  Sold to Dr. Godard
..  X..  27  Bu corn at 50 cts per Bu                                 S    13.50  X
July 12  sold to Godard 34 Bu corn 22 lbs
..X ..  at 50 cts per Bu                                                       $    17.00  X

Sep 28  Rec out of Clants
          Cotton crop                                                              $    34._0  X

Oct 3  Sold 4 Bales Cotton
           at 9.90 Per hun                                                       $  208.40  X

Oct 6  Sold 4 Bales Cotton
           at 10 cts                                                                   $  210.00  X

Oct 11  Rec out of Johns
             Caldwells Cotton                                                         12.60  X

Oct 11  Payed to Moore
             on Jin Act                                                                      23.90  X

Oct 12  Sold one Bale Cotton
              at 10 ½ cts                                                            $     58 25  X

Oct 12  Rec out of Clants
              Cotton crop                                                          $     25.65  X

Nov 18  Rec out of Clant
Mcqueens Cotton                                                             $     19.95  X

Nov 19  Rec for Cotton
  10 cts per lb                                                                     $   163.20  X

Page 207:
Dec 4  Sold 1 Bale Cotton
            At 10 ¼ 520 lbs                                                              53.30  X

Dec 10  Loaned to J.Y. Caldwell
                                                                                            $   125.00 
Mch 3  Paid                                                                              25.00  X
             Bal Due                                                                 $   100.00
Mch 25 Paid                                                                             25.00  X
             Bal Due                                                                         75.00  X
May 14  Paid                                                                             50.00  X
               Bal Due          X                                                           25.00  Paid

          Sold Corn to Dr Goddard
net          1895    lbs  
net          1908     “            X
net          1690     “            X
net          1935     “            X
net          1885     “            X
net          1940                    156                                             478.00
Total     11233 lbs

Apr 17  Sold Corn to Byers                                                               X
         X  20 Bu at 50 cts                                                            10.    X

Page 208:
Book for 1907

Oct 5  Rec out of Asberrys
Cotton crop                                                                      $     30.__  X

Nov 26  Sold 2 Bales Cotton
             At 10.43                                                                $  115.33  X

Dec 10  Rec out Asberrys
              Cotton                                                                  $    25.60  X
Dec 16  Sold 1 Bale
              cotton at 11 cts                                                  $    60.72  X

Dec 18  Rec out of Will
              Blairs Cotton                                                       $    95.05  X

Jan 15  1908  Rec out of
        Asberrys Cotton                                                       $X  46.65 

Jan 19  Sold Rent out of June
Corn to Will Blair                                                              SX    5.00

Feb 25  Sold 6 Bales Cotton
  At 10.92 ½  3255 lbs                                                  X $  355.60  X

Mar 4  Sold corn 581 Bu
             at 55 cts per bu                                                  $  319.00  X

                                         (Misc. Math computations)

Page 209:
Book for 1908

Jan 27  Sold 82 Bu corn to
           Sterrett at 60 cts
            Per Bu  X                                                               $     49.20  X

Deposited in Bank                                                                600.00  Mar

Mar 28  Drew out of Bank                                                     50.00  X

May 7  Drew out of Bank                                                       10.00  X

May 27  Drew out of Bank                                            $      60.00  X

June 26  Drew out of Bank                                          X$      50.00

July 19  check to Whatley                                            X$      10.00

July 27  Drew out of Bank                                            X$      40.00

Aug 10  Drew out of Bank                                            X$      50.00

Sep 18  Drew out of Bank                                             X$   100.00 

Oct 17  Drew out Bank                                                  X$    100.00
                                    (Misc. Math computations)

Page 210: (Note: The back side of page 210 is labled page 219).

Watermelons Beginning at

North side 6 first Roes mamats Tryumph

7 & 8  girdans Tryumph

9 & 10  Black Dimond

11 & 12  Duke Sones

13, 14 & 15  Halbert Honey

16, 17, & 18  Branches Rattlesnake

19, 20, 21, & 22  Alabama Sweet

Dec. 12  Payed for Lumber

______ _______   __    $

     Lumber          68.85

     Roofing          72.35

                        $  191. 0

Page 211 through page 218: (pages do not exist in bound copy).

Page 219:

Young Mare Bred to Jack  Apr 25

Mule Colt folded April the 17th 1905

June 17  Deposited in Reed
             Bro Bank at Holland                                       $  500.00 
             Drewout of Bank                                                250.00  X
             Balance                                                                250.00  X
Oct. 23  Deposited                                                            50.00  X
Oct  26  Deposited in Bank                                            200.00  X
Nov   3  Drew out of Bank                                         $  100.00  X
Dec 19  Drew out of Bank                                             100.00  X
Jan 12  Drew out of Bank                                              100.00  X
Apr 7  Drew out of Bank                                                100.00  X

Oct 9  Deposited in Reed Bro
          Bank at Holland                                                $    91.15  X
            Church money
May 21  Drew out of
               Bank                                                              $  100.00  X

      ____ ____ __ _______
Mar 28th 1907
    Mule Colt folded March the __ 1907

Page 220: (Note: Left hand edge was cut off on copy; may have cut off 1-2 numbers or letters on lines).
Bought of Wilkerson

Bill of Lumber                                                             $  475.00  X

Nails 34 lbs at 2 cts                   ..                                       1.02  X
    Extra to Bill
____ 2  X  8  =  4 ft    X
window stops 288 running ft                                                    X
___ 5          2  X  6  =  14 ft                                                          X
___ 4          2  X  6  =  18 ft                                                          X
___ 1          2  X  6  =  16 ft                                                          X
___ 7          1  X  6  =  16 ..                                                          X
___ 10       2  X   4  =  16                                                             X
2 lbs nails  3 cts                                                                 0.36  X
Scantling                                                                                      X
     2  X  4  =  16 ft                                                                        X
     2  X  4  =  12  ..                                                                       X
     2  X  6  =  14  ..                                                                       X

_0 ft 2 ½ brown mould                                                             X
     Scantling  2  X  4  =  16 ft                                                     X
       “             2  X  4  =  10  “                                                       X
       “             2  X  4  =  20  “                                                       X
   Lb nails                                                                                      X

6 ft moulding                                                                              X
“  “  Bound ¼ mould                                                                  X

_ ft ______                                                                                 X

_00 ft Scantling                                                                          X
  Bunches Shingles                                                                     X

_ lbs nails                                                                                    X

Page 221:
Bought of Wilkerson

extra to Bill

14 window stops                                                                       X
1         X ½ in & 14 ft long

300 ft  ¼ Bound mold                                                               X

Windows & Lumber                                                        9.30  X

Returned to Wilkerson
_____ ________
49     1  X 6  X  16 ft                                                                    X
15     1  X  6  X  14  ft                                                                  X

20 pieces     1  X  __  12X  Bought                                            X

20 lbs nails                                                   X                              X

Oct 5  Payed to Wilkerson
  On Lumber                                                               $    75.00  X

Amt Payed to Wilkerson
                                                                                     $  599.30  X

Page 222: (Note: The first number of this page number has been cut off).
Bill of Lumber                                                            $    47.00  X

Lime                                                                              $     1.50  X
Cement                                                                                 3.50  X
Lime                                                                                      0.75  X
Building pillars                                                                      12.00  X
extra Lumber                                                                       03.60  X
Nails                                                                                      7.50  X
Paint & Brush                                                                         3.10  X
nails                                                                                         .40  X
Paint & Oil                                                                             6.35  X
tin for windows                                                                       2.00  X
weights & pulleys                                                                  18.00  X
gallery post                                                                         13.50  X
nails                                                                                        1.50  X
screws                                                                                    0.60  X
sprigs                                                                                     2.05  X
Brick                                                                                 $  22.50  X
nails                                                                                         1.00  X
____                                                                                        4.50  X
Brick                                                                                        8.70  X
ventilator                                                                                   0.50  X
Bilding – Chimneys                                                                  22.50  X
Nails                                                                                        03.00  X
Door Locks                                                                             06.50  X
Paint & Oil                                                                              04.60  X
hinges                                                                                      09.25  X
Paint wall paper                                                                       32.05  X

Paint & Oil                                                                               11.65  X

          Canvass                                                                            7.00  X
Hanging paper                                                                          5.00  X

Page 223:
Halling Lumber
Will Burns No. of Loads  ll                                                                 X
John Jennings No. of Loads  lll                                                            X
Clant Mcqueen No. of Loads  lllll  lllll  l
J.Y. Caldwell No. of Loads  ll                                                              X
Hill Swan No. of Loads     lllll  lllll  ll                                                    X

Oct 21  Payed for Building House
          Powers                                                                      $  127.50  X
          Smith                                                                               52.50  X

                                                        (Misc. Math computations)

Page 224: (Note: The first number of this page number has been cut off).

Larrence Caldwell Due
Hill Swan on Farrell note
                                                                                           $    55.80
     Attorney fee                                           ..                           8.35

Widdle Caldwell Due
Hill Swan for barn
                                                                                           $    54.20

Collected for Sparks Church
                                                                                           $  388.20  X

Page 225:
Receipt for making Chili
to make half galon Chili
Boil 15 cts worth chili meat until
dun in a Separate vessel boil
2 cups Chili Beans –til well dun
In another vessel 12 Chili pepers
broken in halvs mix with them
a tea spoon full of Commenus which
must finely pulverized.  ad 3 cups
of water more if necessary let boil
2 hours cool and Strain through
fine thin cloth when the meat is done
remove it from the vessal in
which it was boiled.  chop fine
and ad to it the substance obtained
from the peper and Commenus
take one large garlic one onion
chop fine. fry with this mixture
and ad to Chili Soop  Serve beans
and Soop together  Salt to Suit
the taste

Page 226:

Oct 3  Payed on jinning                                                 $    10.00
 Settled to 18th Balls

Bought Beef of ______

Beard                         19 lbs  X
                                    1_       X
                                    2.0      X
                                    51       X

Phone put in Nov the 18th 1908

Payed on phone                                                              $      9.00  X

Mare Bred to Reeds
  Horse May the 11th 1909

May 13  Sold to Ernest Caldwell
               20 Bu X 30 lbs Corn at .60 cts
Per Bu                  X Paid                                                   $    12.00  X

May 15  Payed for Cotton Seed     X
For Jim Taylor  X                                                               $X   4.00  X

June 19  Sold 6 Bu Corn to
               Jim Taylor .60                                                     $X    3.60  Paid

July 17  Loaned to Jim
              Taylor                                                                  X$      1.50  Paid

Page 227:
for reding Stock of Ticks mix

Salt and Sulphur ¼ sulphur
¾ Salt keep in trough so stock
will have free access to it

Receipt for Bed Bugs and
Agna amnonia 2 ozs
glycerine  ..   ½ oz
Soalt peter  ½ oz
Sulpha either  ½ oz
Toilet soap white

Apr 28 Sold Beef
X  Abe Mare   X  $ 1.10     X
H  Odam              X   .40     X
E  Smith                    .50
R.T. Blair   X   X        .65     X

Phone put in Nov the 18th  1908
                    X   Paid      X   $  9.00
                    X   Paid      X   $ 10.00
   Payed to March 1th 1910

Page 228:  
E.B. Swan was Born Jan.
the 12th 1821.  Died April the
4th 1879 Aged 58 yrs 2 mo 22 days.
Mary L. Swan Died march the
28th 1869 Aged 47 yrs 2 mo 17 days

Sold Corn to Will Caldwell
     gross       Tare       Net
    2770     .  1225    . 1645
    2800     .  1225    . 1575
    2820     .  1225     . 1595
    2810     .  1226     . 1585
    2840     .  1225     . 1615
                Net             1583
                Net             1583

Due Widdle for following          6.00     X
Cutting wheat & Oats               20.62 ½      X
_alling Corn                                   2.90     X
___se of mule                               2.25     X
Amt Paid                                     $ 31.77     X
Bal. Due                                          54.20
(Note: The back of this page is blank, except for the pre-printed, upside-down form from Holland, Texas shown below).

Page 229:
Aug the 2  1892 Deed made to
School House tract of Land By
Hill Swan & wife Beginning 50 yd
From the NW Cor of School House
At Rock for cor at the _ South W
Cor of Hill Swans pasture in west
Line of Hill Swans tract Being the
West line of tract No 2 in the sub
Division of the land in the estate
of Mrs Caldwell deceased from
which a postoak marked X Brs South
east 14 yds Thence south 19 ½ west
with said line 66 yds to Rock for cor
from which a live oak marked X brs
N 19 ½ east 9 yds Thence in a easterly
Direction 50 yds to rock for cor
From which live Oak marked X
Brs east 4 yds Thence N 19 ½ east
64 yds to rock for cor from
which an elm marked X Bares
east 13 yds Thence in a westerly
direction 50 yds to place of

Page 230:
     1889     Lenard Marr     1889

Apr 16  Payed out for on
       Estate for Lenard Marr                                           $    39.65

Mar 11  1890  Received of
             J.L. Wallace for
              Lenard Marr                                                       $    13.84  X
Oct 11  Rec for Lenard Marr
             out of rent Cotton                                              $    12.30  X

E.B. Swan Born Jan 12 1821
       Died Apr the 4 1879 Aged
58 yrs 2 mo 22 days

Mary L Swan  Died March
the 28 1869 Aged 47 yrs
1         mo 17 Days

Sparks Texas     Hill Swan

Sparks Texas     Hill Swan

Page 231:
For putting up beef put 100 lbs
Beef cool and clear on bone in a
clean Barrel put enough water and
fire to cover Beef  ad to the water 10
lbs Salt 12 lbs brown Shugar ¼ lb of
Salt peter ¼ lb ground Spice bring to
a boil poor on the Beef hat weight
it down under the pickle and let
it remain until used up

Receipt for Colic in Horses  rub the
Jugular vein on the wright side
and back of the jaw after minutes
with flannel rag wet in Turpentine

Mule colt folded
Apr the 21th1896
Mare colt folded
May the 2th 1896
Mare colt folded
April the 6th 1897
Mule colt folded  Apr 20th 1897
Mare colt folded April 1th 1898
Mule colt folded Apr. 22th 1898
Mule colt folded Apr 23..  1899

Page 232:
Oil of rhodium  12 drops
Oil of musk  6 drops
Angle worm Oil
eaqual parts of Lemberger chees & beeswax & tallow
(Note: This was Hill Swan’s catfish bait recipe)

Division of Land belonging to
Mrs. Caldwells estate
Tract No 1 belonging to H. Swan 87 ½
Tract No 2 belonging to J.L. Caldwell  77 ½
Tract No 3 Belonging to Minors  87 ½
Tract No 4 Belonging to J.L. Caldwell  77 ½
Tract No 5 Belonging to J.W. Caldwell 80 Acres

Load for Ball Shooting
4 Drams Powder  1 ¾ oz shot
With Ten gague gun

 Page 233 and page 234: (Note: These pages were missing from my bound copy)

Page 235:
Remedy for Smallpox
One-half gal Whiskey Too Ounces
Gum Camphor Too Ounces
Asafaetida desolve together wash
the nitire Boddy and take internally
too or three times a day  ½ wine
glass at a Time.

                                                                        ___ folded Apr. 2, 18__
Net pony bred to Armstrongs
Horse Apr the 5th 1895
Apr 22nd  June 7th
Old mare Bred to Marrs Jack
Apr 8th 1895
Apr 22th
May 13th
Old Mare bred to Jack
Apr the 27th 1896
Black mare bred to Horse
May the 8th 1896

Page 236 (Note: the bottom half of page 236 looks just like the bottom half of page 232, but the top half of the pages and page numbers are different.  Was this somehow messed up when the copy was made?)

Page 237 and page 238: (Note: These pages were missing from my bound copy)

Page 239:
     One horse Colt folded
              May the 12              1877

One Mule Colt folded June 1  1879

One Mule Colt folded May 20  1879

One Mare Colt folded June 12  1882

One Mule Colt folded Mar 5  1884

One Mule colt folded Mar 7  1885

One Mule Colt folded Apr 23  1885

Net pony bred to Armstrongs
    Horse Apr the 5th 1895
Apr 22th June 7th
Old mare Bred to Horse Jack
        Apr 8th 1855
     Apr 22th
     May 13th

Old Mare bred to Jack
    Apr the 27 1896

Black mare bred to Horse

  May the 8th 1896

(Note: Following page 239 are the following two pages of math computations.  These are the final entries in Hilry Swan's Record Book).

Page (not numbered):
                        Cotton Picking

By Hill                                                 By Sam

(Note: The whole page is misc. Math computations).

Page (not numbered):
(Note: The whole page is misc. Math computations).

(Note: This is the end of Hilry Swan’s Record Book).