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James M. Caldwell Family: Basic Information


    1821 - 1887                                                                                  1819 - 1887
James M. Caldwell                                                                        Elizabeth E. Woods

James Caldwell was born on September 24, 1821 (census records say 1825) in South Carolina.  He was a merchant by occupation; later, in Texas, he was a farmer.  James resided in Alabama a good portion of his life; on November 13, 1845, he married Elizabeth E.Woods.  She was born in October of 1819 in South Carolina.  They came to Texas between 1860 - 1861; on the way, they heard the news of President Lincoln's election.  James and his family lived in the old Volo community in Bell county, Texas.

James M. Caldwell land ,Volo Community
BellCounty, Texas.

(Drawn by Billy Blair on
November 25, 1982).

The Caldwell home was originally two stories tall.  The
Caldwell family probably lived in a log shack before building
their nice home (There is a log shack on the property which
could have served this purpose).  Mrs. Ferguson (Ma Ferguson, who later became Governor of Texas) bought part
of the Caldwell home.

James died on February 7, 1887 and is buried in the old Volo cemetery.  His wife Elizabeth died on September 3, 1887 and is buried alongside him.  Both of their names are on a single tombstone.

Below is Elizabeth E. (Woods) Caldwell's will as recorded in Bell county, Texas:

Bell Co. Texas Will Book
Book F, page 563
(page 563):
“The State of Texas Ѯ      In County Court Bell County – Texas
County of Bell                   Sept Term A.D. 1887
                     To the Hon. J.M. (or “W”) Rosborough County Judge
Of Bell County.
     Your petitioner respectfully represents that Mrs. Elizabeth
E. Caldwell departed this life in Bell County, Texas on
to wit: the 3rd day of September AD 1887.  That she died
interstate, leaving in said county an estate composed of
real and personal property – said personal property of above –
the value of one thousand dollars, consisting of homes, mules, cattle, hogs and other miscellaneous property, also of certain rents now due said estate, the same being paid & to be paid in produce, to wit, in corn & cotton also said estate is owing some debts now justly due and payable.  Petitioners ______ that there is no one who has anything to manage, control or take charge of said livestock or property belonging to said estate/ or to collect on

Bell Co. Tx. Will Book
Book F., page 564
(page 564):
receive or receipt for any of said rents, or to settle any
indebtidness due by said estate or collect any debt coming
to or due to said estate.  That all of said personal property
is liable to loss or waste unless it is carefully taken
care of and managed/ and that it is to the interest of said
estate that a temporary administrator be immediately appointed.
Wherefore they pray that Jas. L. Wallace be appointed
Temporary administrator of said estate, and that he be granted
Letters as such, authorizing him to take possession, charge,
Control and management of all of said personnel property &
Rents; to collect and and all debts or rents due & coming to
said estate: to sell any of said personal property – accord
ing to law, that may be necessary.
Your petitioners function over that said Mrs. Elizabeth E. Caldwell left surviving her four children and the children of a deceased daughter.  That your petitioners proponet form of the five heirs to said estate.

                                                                                  J.L. Caldwell
                                                                                  J.W. Caldwell
                                                                                  J.Y. Caldwell
                                                                                   Texana Swan  Mrs. Caldwell
                                                                                       By H. Swan

To the Hon. J.M. Rosborough, County Judge, Bell Co. now comes Jas. L. Wallace and suggests to the court – these in case the court acting on above petition should appoint him temporary administrator of the estate of Elizabeth E. Caldwell that he will accept such appointment and at once qualify as such Administrator

                                                                  Jas L. Wallace

Filed Sept. 26th, 1887
                                          W.W. Upshaw    Co. Clerk  Bell C.

Estate of
Elizabeth E. Caldwell          In County Court.  Bell County – Texas
                                                 Sept. Term 1887.

The petition of J.L. Caldwell, J.W. Caldwell, J.Y. Caldwell, and Texana Swan, nee Caldwell, by her husband H. Swan praying for the appointment of Jas L. Wallace as temporary administrator of the estate of Elizabeth E. Caldwell deceased coming on to be heard, and it appearing to the satisfaction

of the court, that said estate is within the jurisdiction of this court; and that the interest of said estate required

Bell Co. Tx. Will Book
Book F., page 565
(page 565):
the appointment of a temporary administrator and that said Jas.
L. Wallace is a suitable person to act in such capacity and is
willing so to act, and it function appearing to the court that same
Jas L. Wallace has taken the required oath, and given bond
In the sum of Two Thousand Dollars < the same being double the
estimated value of the personally – belonging to said estate/ with
approved security – for the faithful performances of his duties
as such Temporary Administrator.  It is therefore ordered by the
court that said Jas. L. Wallace is hereby appointed Temporary
Administrator of said estate, and is hereby authorized to enter
upon, collect, and take possession of all the lands, tene-
ments, goods, chattel/ rights and credit – belonging to the estate
of the said Elizabeth E. Caldwell deceased and the same Ac-
cording to law to take care of, keep from waste for those
who have a right thereto until the next time of this court to be held in area for said county for civil purposes and he is further authorized to sell and dispose of such personal and perishable property, crops, provision or produce for cash or on credit with approved security as he may deem best, as by the custom of the county have the best market value at this season of the year or which may be liable to waste, damage, deterioration or depreciation by being kept in case in his judgment the interest of said estate _______ the same necessary.  And shall make a full time & cannot so prove to this court at its next regular term, of all ___oping & his disposition of the same. Belonging to said estate that shall

come into his hands as such temporary administrator.”

James and Elizabeth (Woods) Caldwell had at least eleven children.


Caldwell Children
Ruth is on the back left; Mary is on the middle left.

Note: I don't know where these children fit into the family

I  Young James Caldwell (The census records say James Y.) ("Young"): He was born on September 6, 1846 in Alabama.  Mattie Bowers was his wife.  He died on February 17, 1927.  Young Caldwell would always wear an overcoat to pick cotton.  When asked why, he replied, "If it will keep out the cold, it will keep out the heat!"  They possibly had the following two children:
     A.  James Scott Caldwell: He was born on October 18, 1874.
     B.  Fannie Caldwell: She was born on July 3, 1876.

The Caldwell homeplace at the Volo community

1   2   3   (left to right)

1.  James Young Caldwell
2.  Mattie (Bowers) Caldwell
3.  ?
The home in the above picture is located east of the Hill Swan homeplace at Volo.  The home later became the Walt Hagler homeplace.  The house has now been restored.

Young Caldwell receipt, 1904

Young Caldwell receipt, 1913

II. Mary Elizabeth Caldwell ("Elizabeth"): She was born on September 28, 1847 in Alabama.  She was married to (1) Mr. Reed.  They had three children:
     A.  Josy Florance Reed: Born on June 29, 1869.  Florence (Reed) McKnight lived in New Mexico.
     B.  Ida Matilda Reed: She was born on March 12, 1871.
     C.  Mary Elizabeth Reed: She was born on May 8, 1873.
Elizabeth Caldwell's second husband was (2) Leonard Nelson Marr (Note: The first and middle name might be reversed - unsure).  They had one child:
     A.  John Leonard Marr ("Leonard"): He was born on March 16, 1877.
     B.  Elizabeth Marr: She died on April 1, 1877.  She is buried in the old Volo cemetery.
(Note: Leonard and Elizabeth Marr listed above have birthdays too close together to both be siblings.  Need to resolve this problem.  One source does not list John Leonard Marr as a child of this family).
Elizabeth (Caldwell) Reed Marr died on April 1, 1877 and is buried in the old Volo cemetery. Leonard Nelson Marr remarried shortly after her death and is believed to have had two daughters.

III.  Grey Wilton Caldwell: He was born on March 5, 1849 and died on June 6, 1931.

IV. Ira W. Caldwell: He was born in 1849 in Alabama.  He married M.A. _______.  They had the following children:
     A.  Johnny Baxter Caldwell: He was born in 1878 in Sparks, Texas.  He was married and had the following children:
          1.  Bueford Edward Caldwell: He was born in 1911 in Pendleton, Texas.  He was married and had the following children:
               a.  Joe Caldwell: He married Peggy Frantis.

V.  Joseph Larance (or Lawrence) Caldwell: He was born on October 23, 1850 in Alabama. He married Georgia Ann Box.  She was born on November 19, 1860 in Arkansas and died on April 1, 1941 in Atlas in Lamar county, Texas.  Her parents were George Washington Box (1824 - 1877) and Emaline Stevens Box (1830 - 1914).  Her siblings were:
     1.  William Henry Harrison Touchstone: 1852 - 1928.  He was a half-sibling.
     2.  Augustus Angus Box: 1864 - 1904.
     3.  Arthur William Box: 1868 - 1938.
     4.  Joe Walter Box: 1870 - 1942.
Joseph Lawrence Caldwell died on the Hagler farm on October 7, 1924 in Coleman county, Texas. He is buried in Rockwood cemetery in Coleman county, Texas (Section G, Row 7).

Description of the cemetery by Steve Voss 
July 22, 2006:
"The Rockwood Cemetery is located less than 1/2 mile north of Rockwood, Coleman county, Texas on Farm to Market Road (FM) 234.  The cemetery is a very short distance to the East of US 283 (approximately 18 miles south of Santa Anna, Texas and approximately 27 miles north of Brady, Texas.  There is a "Rockwood Cemetery" marker on US 283 showing where to turn on FM 234 to get to the cemetery.  The cemetery is located a very short distance to the East from 283, and can be seen when first turning onto FM 234 (dirt/ caliche road).  The photo on the right is showing the center gate (one of the 3 gates to the cemetery).  All three gates are a short distance apart, each entering from FM 234.  The cemetery is surrounded by a chain link fence.  The US Flag (near the center of the cemetery) flies over the cemetery 24 hours a day (lit by a solar light at night).  The cemetery is well maintained , and is the cleanest and best maintained of all the many cemeteries I've visited in recent months".

Joseph Lawrence Caldwell and Georgia Ann (Box) Caldwell had the following children:

The Joseph Lawrence & Georgia (Box) Caldwell Family

Identification for the above picture is below:

          2             6                                1.  Della Caldwell
              4             8                            2.  Wittle (Widdle) Caldwell
     1       5     7         9                         3.  Lula Caldwell
          3                                               4.  Georgia (Box) Caldwell, Joseph Lawrence's wife
                                                           5.  ?
                                                           6.  Aunt Mae
                                                           7.  Bertha Caldwell?
                                                           8.  Lawrence Caldwell
                                                           9.  Bossman Caldwell

     A.  Della Minerva Caldwell: She was born on September 29, 1879 in Sparks, Bell county, Texas and died on September 24, 1899.  She is possibly buried in the old Volo cemetery in Bell county, Texas. She married a Mr. Jay.
     B.  William Franklin Caldwell ("Widdle"): He was born on January 23, 1881 in Sparks, Texas in Bell county and died on May 31, 1947 in Denison, Texas in Grayson county.  He married Eula May Whatley (1883 - 1955).  (Note: Widdle Caldwell's sister's son, Earl Caldwell, died in October 1981).
          1.  Randolph Caldwell: He was a bootlegger.
     C.  Bertha Lee Caldwell: She was born in 1885 and died in 1974.  She married a Mr. Nunnallee.
     D.  Elizabeth Emaline Caldwell: She was born in 1891 and died in 1963.  She married a Mr. Steward.
     E.  Mattie Arthur Caldwell: She was born in 1893 and died in 1969.  She married a Mr. Gibbens.
     F.  Lawrence Ray Caldwell: He was born in 1895 and died in 1978.
     G. Charlie Chloe Caldwell: She was born in 1903 and died in 1982.  She married a Mr. Epps.

VI. Adaline Francis Caldwell: She was born on March 6, 1852 and died on August 18, 1853.

VII. John Baxtor Caldwell: He was born on November 14, 1853 and died on July 28, 1855.

VIII. William Bankes Caldwell ("William"): He was born on January 12, 1856 in Alabama and died on February 11, 1883.  He is buried in the old Volo cemetery in Bell county, Texas.

VIV. Leonard Hamelton Caldwell ("Leonard"): He was born on May 28, 1858 in Alabama and died on August 7, 1869.  He is buried in the old Volo cemetery.

X.  Sylvanis Caldwell: (or Sylvanos).  He was born on December 12, 1859 in Alabama.  He died on August 8, 1861.

XI.  Texanna Caldwell: She was born on December 12, 1859 in Alabama.  She and Sylvanis were twins.  She married Hilry Swan on December 7, 1876.  She died on November 30, 1948 in Holland, Texas in Bell county.  She is buried in the old Volo cemetery. 

Pages from the James W. Caldwell & Elizabeth E. (Woods) Caldwell Family Bible:
Source: Opal (Swan) Eicholtz 

page 1
page 2

page 3
page 4

The following information was found on the inside of the back cover of the Caldwell Family Bible:
"James Scott Caldwell:  Born October 18, 1874.
Fannie Caldwell: Born July 3, 1876".

The name "Molly E. Caroline" was written upside down on the back of the front cover of the family Bible.  A note on page 441 of the Bible said that someone married on December 7, 1876.

James M. Caldwell had a brother named Joseph W. Caldwell; he was born in 1836 in South Carolina.  He was a carpenter by trade.

1.  Census Records:
     a.  1860 Calhoun county, Alabama.
     b.  1870 Bell county,Texas.
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5. Peggy (Frantis) Caldwell (Ira Caldwell family).  (Note: She has photos of Ira Caldwell family).
6. "Find A Grave" website (for Joseph Lawrence Caldwell.  Memorial # 85645313).  Memorial originally created by James Durham on 2-24-12.  All kids and spouse information are "calculated" relationships.  Note: There is much more information on this site not yet transcribed to this article.
7.  Will of Elizabeth E. (Woods) Caldwell: Bell County Courthouse. Will Book F, pages 563-565.
8.  Glenn Blair research on Caldwell/ Swan families.

1.  Was the Widdle Caldwell who married into the Whatley family a brother to Texanna Caldwell?
2.  A note from Glenn Blair's research: "Mary Elizabeth Caldwell was Texanna Swan's sister.  She was  born on September 28, 1847.  She was first married to a Mr. Reed, and evidently had at least three children: Josy Florence Reed (born June 29, 1869); Ida Matilda Reed (born March 12, 1871); and Mary Elizabeth Reed (born May 8, 1873).  She was also the mother of John Leonard Marr (born March 16, 1877) and she died two weeks later on April 1, 1877.  The Caldwell Bible shows her death as Mary E. Reed, but her tombstone in the old Volo cemetery shows her as Mary E. Marr".

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