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This Bible is in the possession of Mrs. Geneva (Kirby) Werner, Eatontown, New Jersey, and the original leaves of it were sent to Mrs. Clarence B. Kirby, Scottsboro, Alabama which she copied and returned in September, 1957. (Billy Blair re-typed the records for better clarity of type.  The red notes were written on my old copy of the records by Jim Kirby).

***** BIRTHS *****

Thomas H. Kirby, was born March 18th - 1797.
Nancy Kirby, was born July 10th - 1803.
Lerelda Ann Kirby, was born June 2nd - 1823.
Joseph L. Kirby, was born August 29th - 1825.
Mary Ann Blair, was born June 18th - 1829.
John L. Kirby, was born March 1st - 1832.
William P. Kirby, was born June 2nd - 1836.
Mariah D. Kirby, was born April 23rd - 1839.
Andrew J. Miller, was born November 29th - 1841.
James C. Miller, was born April the 11th - 1844.
Margaret E. Miller, was born November the 23rd - 1847 or 1849.
Nancy M. Miller, was born January the 16th - 1852.
Virginia E. Miller, was born October the 20th - 1854.
Otis Edker Kirby, was born on December the 31st - 1897.
Susan C. Kirby, was born June the 11th - 1838.
James C. Kirby, was born the 10th of September - 1860.
Dracilla Kirby, was born the 28th of March - 1862.
Nancy, William & Josephine Kirby, was born January the 8th - 1865.
Nancy Virginia Kirby, was born November the 8th - 1865.
Flora Elsie Kirby, was born October 8th - 1885 (written in red ink).
Malinda May Kirby, was born May 1st - 1887.
Joseph Lonnie Kirby, was born August 22nd - 1889.
Stella Elizabeth Kirby, was born November 26th - 1891.
Amos Napoleon Kirby, was born January 19th - 1894.
Lealis Eugene Kirby, was born October 28th - 1895.

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Thomas Hawkins Kirby - Family Bible Records.
He lived in Calhoun County, Alabama, removed from Jackson County, Alabama in the year 1849 and located near Anniston.

***** MARRIAGES ******

Thomas H. and Nancy Kirby, was married March the 1st - 1821.
James K. and Lerelda A. Miller, was married February the 18th - 1841.
John L. and Mary E. Kirby, was married August the 23rd - 1852.
William and Mary A. Blair, was married August the 17th - 1848.
Joseph L. Kirby and Malinda Taylor, was married January the 5th - 1851.
Wm. P. Kirby and Susan C. Taylor, was married October the 9th - 1852.
L.S. Kirby and Nannie Lee Spradley, was married February the 7th - 1884. (written in red ink).
Nannie Lee Spradley, was born June the 27th, A.D. - 1865.

***** DEATHS *****

Virginia Euterpsa Miller, Died June the 17th - 1855.
Lerelda Ann Miller, Died June the 21st - 1855.
John L. Kirby, Died August the 9th - 1861.
Mary Ann Blair, Died August the 28th - 1861.
M.D.C. Spradley, Died January the 22nd - 1882.
Retsey Elizabeth Spradley, Died December the 8th - 1889.
Stella E. Kirby, Died January the 28th - 1903.
Drucilla Kirby, Died the 30th of March - 1862.
William Parks Kirby, was wounded in the left arm on the 29th day of August, at Jonesborought, Ga., and died in two or three days.  (1864 - Battle of Jonesboro).
Joseph Luther Kirby, Died May the 27th - 1882.
Thomas Hawkins Kirby, Died April the 8th - 1883.
Malenda Nancy Kirby, Died May the 8th - 1887.
Infant child of S. and N.L. was born September the 9th - 1907 and died December the 22nd, seems to be ditto marks below -
Nancy C. Kirby, Died March the 8th - 1866.

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Thomas Hawkins Kirby - Family Bible Records
He was a son of John Kirby and his wife Jane Addair, who lived in Blount County, Tennessee near Rockford.

***** BIRTHS *****

Nancy Malinda Taylor, was born March the 24th - 1824. (Nancy & Joseph are husband and wife).
Joseph Luther Kirby, was born August the 29th, A.D. 1825.  Child of  "     ".
Minerva Adaline Kirby, was born October the 1st - 1851.  Child of  "     ".
Sarah Caroline Kirby, was born October the 11th - 1853.  Child of  "     ".
Thomas Taylor Kirby, was born March the 13th - 1855.  Child of  "     ".
Lesley Stewart Kirby, was born September the 5th - 1858.  Child of  "     ".
Jefferson Davis Kirby, was born April the 22nd - 1861.  Child of  "     ".
Jenny Kirby, was born (?) November 8, 1865 and died on April 1, 1939.  Child of  "     ".
Notes are added to this family by Mrs. Edward E. Beason of Birmingham, Ala.
Jenny Kirby, married a Mr. Ash and moved to Texas.  LaDove Ashley.
Sallie Kirby, married a Mr. Green Sides.  Bro. of Mary D. Sides m.
Minerva Kirby, married Napoleon Spradley.  Dec. 2, 1868.
J. Davis Kirby, married Mary D. Sides (?).
Taylor Kirby, married  - (?)
Lasley Stewart Kirby married Nannie Lee Spradley, February 7th - 1884.  Nannie Lee was a sister to  Napoleon Spradley.
Joseph Luther Kirby and Nancy Malinda Taylor, married January 5th - 1851.
Joseph Luther Kirby, Died May the 27th - 1882.
Nancy Malinda (Taylor) Kirby, Died May the 8th - 1887
Their son, Jefferson Davis Kirby, Died in 1914 and is buried at Mechanicsville, about a mile and 1/2 out of Anniston on the old Atlanta Highway.
The above Jenny - should be Nancy Virginia; she was married to La Dove Ashley.

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FAMILY RECORDS OF LASLEY STEWART KIRBY, copied by his son, The Rev. Amos N. Kirby of Birmingham, Alabama and sent to Mrs. J.A. Proctor, Scottsboro, Alabama on August  9th, 1957.  This particular Bible was copyrighted in 1891.  (Billy Blair re-typed the records for clarity of type).

***** MARRIAGES *****

Thomas Hawkins Kirby and Nancy Kirby, were married, March 1st - 1821.
Joseph Luther Kirby and Nancy Malinda Taylor, were married, January 5th - 1851.
Lasley Stewart Kirby and Nannie Lee Spradley, were married, February 7th - 1884.
Ezekiel L. Harris and Flora Elsie Kirby, were married, June 1st - 1905. Child of Lasley Stewart Kirby.
Moses W. Lindsey and Mae Malinda Kirby, were married, December 22nd - 1905. Child of  "     ".
Joseph Lonnie Kirby and Agnes O. Strange, were married, October 8th - 1916.  Child of  "      ".
Amos Napoleon Kirby and Gladys Pickens, were married, October 19th - 1922.  Child of  "     ".
Lelias E. Kirby and Jean Harms, were married, July 19th - 1927.  Child of   "      ".
Otis Edgar Kirby and Mary Catherine Evans, were married, July 19th - 1927.  Child of  "     ".
Taylor Herman Kirby and Lucretia O. Hope, were married, July 19th - 1927.  Child of  "      ".
Ollie Geneva Kirby and Herbert Emil Werner, were married, July 19th - 1927.  Child of  "     ".
Alma Pauline Kirby and Edward E. Beason, were married, March 31st - 1934.  Child of  "      ".

***** DEATHS *****

Thomas Hawkins Kirby - Died, April 8th - 1883.
Nancy Kirby - Died, March 8th - 1862.
Joseph Luther Kirby - Died, May 27th - 1882.
Nancy Malinda Kirby - Died, May 8th - 1887.

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Copied from the family records in the Bible belonging to Lasley Stewart Kirby, of Albertville, Alabama.

***** BIRTHS *****

Lasley Stewart Kirby, was born, September 5th - 1858.
Nannie Lee Spradley Kirby, was born, June 27th - 1865.
Flora Elsie Kirby, was born, Octobert 8th - 1885.  Child of Lasley Stewart Kirby.
Mae Malinda Kirby, was born, May 1st - 1887.  Child of  "     ".
Joseph Lonnie Kirby, was born, August 22nd - 1889.  Child of  "     ".
Stella Elizabeth Kirby, was born, November 26th, 1891.  Child of  "     ".
Amos Napoleon Kirby, was born, January 19th - 1894.  Child of  "     ".
Lelias Eugene Kirby, was born, October 28th, 1895.  Child of  "     ".
Otis Edgar Kirby, was born, December 31st - 1897.  Child of  "     ".
Taylor Herman Kirby, was born, March 13 - 1901.  Child of  "     ".
Ollie Geneva Kirby, was born, May 16th - 1904.  Child of  "     ".
Lasley Warren Kirby, was born, September 9th - 1907.  Child of  "     ".
Alma Pauline Kirby, was born, December 16th - 1908.  Child of  "     ".

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