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The C. Moses Swan & Margaret (Bingham) Swan Family


           ca. 1783 -                                                   ca. 1786 -
C. Moses Swan (Swann)                         Margaret Bigham (Bingham)

Connection to blog chart: C. Moses Swan is the father of Elihugh B. Swan, who is the father of Hilry Swan (who married Texanna Caldwell).

C. Moses Swan was born about 1783 (One source says 1778) in North Carolina (One source says South Carolina).  His father was Hilry Swan (from Ireland); his mother came from Germany (Note: Another source believes that C. Moses Swan's parents were Joseph Swan and Keziah Porter, but has no source material at this point.  Another source believes that C. Moses Swan's parents possibly might be John Swan; John Swan's wife's maiden name was Lane.  John Swan's father was Moses Swan).  Moses Swan married (1) Margaret Bingham (or Bigham) ("Peggy") on July 26, 1803 in Mecklenburg county, North Carolina.  

"Swan: Marriage Bonds: C. Moses and Peggy Bigham
State of North Carolina
Mecklenburg County
     Know all men by these presents, that we Moses Swann and Samuel Bigham in the state aforesaid, are held and firmly bound into the Governor of the state of North Carolina for the time being, in the Just and full sum of Five Hundred Pounds, current money of this state, to be paid to the said governor, or his successors or assigns: To the which payment well and truly to be made and done, we bind ourselves, our heirs, executors and administrators.  Sealed with out seals, and dated this 26 day of July Anno Dom. 1803.
     The Condition of the above obligation is such, that whereas the above abounden Moses Swann hath made application for a license for a marriage to be celebrated between him and Peggy Bigham of the county aforesaid.  Now in case it shall not appear hereafter, that there is any lawful cause to obstruct the said marriage, then the above obligation to be void, otherwise to remain in full force and virtue. 
Sealed and delivered in the presence of us.
Moses Swan                                     
                                                   Sam Bigham

(Source of the above document: Mecklenburg County Marriage Bonds In North Carolina State Archives).

Peggy (Bigham) Swan was born about 1786 in his home state.  Peggy's father's name was Samuel Bigham ("Sam").  He and Lunsford Y. Swan came to Texas in 1851.  In 1810, census records show the Moses Swan family in Lincoln county, North Carolina.  C. Moses Swan was a farmer. In 1811 Moses had purchased some land next to Thomas Lane in Rutherford county, Tennessee; the deed for the land is dated July 1, 1811.  Moses and Peggy had at least seven children:

The Children of Moses & Peggy (Bigham) Swan:

I.  Elihugh B. Swan: He was born on January 12, 1821 in Tennessee.  He married Mary L.  He was from Graves county, Kentucky and came to Bell county, Texas with Lunsford Y. Swan on February 9, 1868 to purchase land.  (Note: One source said that Elihugh owed money to his father and that a lawyer was hired to collect the money for him.  I'm not sure of the accuracy of this statement).  (Note: L.Y. Swan came to Texas with Sam Bigham in 1851.  Why didn't they buy the land at that time?). Elihugh B. Swan died on April 4, 1879 in Kentucky.  E.B. Swan was from Rutherford county, Tennessee and came to Texas in the 1850s (See blog post on this family for additional information).

II.  Naomi Swan (or Naoma): She was born about 1825 in Tennessee.  She married Ephriam Nesbitt (Ephraim Nisbett).  They were married in Rutherford county, Tennessee on September 28, 1852.

III.  Rebecca E. Swan: She was born about 1827 in Tennessee.  She married William M. Tatum.  They were married in Rutherford county, Tennessee on June 2, 1854.

IV.  Lunsford Yannell Swan ("Lunsford", "L.Y.", or "Pegleg"): He was born on November 23, 1829 in Tennessee.  He and Sam Bigham came from Tennessee together in 1851.  Lunsford was a blacksmith for one year.  He went back to Tennessee and married Harriet C. Elliott on February 8 (3 or 9th), 1854 in Rutherford county.  Harriett (Harriet) was born on January 10, 1834 in Tennessee and died on June 8, 1916 at Merkel, in Taylor county, Texas.  She is buried at the old Volo cemetery in Bell county.  Her parents were Simon P. Elliott (born 1807 South Carolina) and his wife, May (born 1818 Tennessee).

Simon P. & May Elliott's Children:
     A.  Harriet C. Elliott: She was born on January 10, 1834.  She married Lunsford Yannell Swan on February 9, 1854.  She died on June 8, 1916 in Holland, Bell county, Texas.
     B.  Milton Elliott: He was born in 1837 in Tennessee.
     C.  Martha Elliott: She was born in 1839 in Tennessee.
     D.  Lucretia Elliott: She was born in 1843 in Tennessee.
     E.  Nathan Elliott: He was born in 1846 in Tennessee.
     F.  Josephine Elliott: She was born in 1847 in Tennessee.
     G.  Mary Elliott: She was born in 1849 in Tennessee.
     H.  Adella Elliott: She was born in 1851 in Tennessee.
     I.  Samuel Elliott: He was born in 1853 in Tennessee.
     J.  Sarah Elliott: She was born in 1855 in Tennessee.
     K.  Emily Elliott: She was born in 1859 in Tennessee.

After his marriage, L.Y. and his father, a widower, moved from Tennessee to Texas (One source says L.Y. Swan and Sam Bigham came to Texas in 1851; he later went back to Tennessee).  C. Moses Swan gave him a section of land off Fultcher's (Folchers) League which joined Sparks League.  Moses made $ 1, 000.00 farming and bought a negro from John Reed for $ 1, 000.00.  The Civil War broke out in 1861.

The Civil War Record of Lunsford Yannell Swan:
Lunsford enlisted in 1861 in Bell county, Texas with Company G, 19th Texas Infantry (Note: Another source says he was in Company I of the 17th Texas Infantry.  Clarification is needed on this point).  L.Y. fought four years to free negroes and was not heard from until he returned.  He left Texas from Belton, the county seat of Bell county.  He later was in the hospital because his left leg was shot off just below the knee at the battle of Mansfield, Louisiana.

Source: Texas State Archives.  Swan, L.Y. records
Confederate Soldier, Private.
Commanding Officer: Capt. Alfred Evans.
Organization: Bo. for Beat No. 1, Bell county, 27th Brigade, BG.E.S.S.
Robertson, Commdg., TM
Enlisted: June, 1861
Remarks: Rank & File 114; Co. Com. Aug. 21-61; 1 muster roll.

Source: Texas State Archives. Swan, Lunsford Y. Confedrate Soldier Private.
Commanding Officer: Capt. H.M. Bouldin
Organization: Inf. Co. Bell Co. Col. RTP Allen's Regt. 7th Reg CSA,
JMT Flint Br. Adj. & INs. Gen.
Enlisted: Ma. 24-62 at Belton & Mus. in Apr. 11-62 at Camp Terry
Discharged: Served to Je 30-62; 2 Mo. 20 Days
Description: Age 33
Remarks: 4 M.R.R. & F. 134, 73, 132 & 128; RTP Allen Mus. Off.: TA.
Supple en. off., Co. raised under Gov. Proc. F 26-62 Pd.  $ 11 per mo.
Cloth: $ 5.34; Bal. Due $ 48.99.  Some of Co. furnished their own horses & arms.  Absent sick leave for 15 days from June 24th.

Lunsford Y. Swan was a farmer and he rented land to negroes.  He bought two slaves, Dan and Luce (man and woman); Moses Swan illegally married them.  Dan made the crop while Lunsford was in the army.  Luce did all the cooking.  Before the war, they were prosperous.  They lived at Rogers, about one mile from the river.  Lunsford ran a gin at Sunshine, a community a few miles from Volo in Bell county, Texas.  Lunsford traveled with an ox wagon.  One day, when he went to the mill, the oxen went to the creek to get water and flies got after the team and they ran over Lunsford, crushing his chest.  Again he stayed in the hospital with seven broken ribs (stayed in a neighbor's home for a hospital with friends and a doctor).  Lunsford died on November 6 (3?), 1903 (01?) in Holland, Bell county, Texas.  He is buried at the old Volo cemetery; his tombstone says he died at age 72 years, 11 months, and 29 days.

Lunsford Y. Swan  & Harrett E. Swan tombstone
Volo Cemetery, Bell county, Texas
(view is east to west)
Lunsford  & Harrett E. Swan tombstone
Volo cemetery, Bell county, Texas

(Source of the above two photos: Michael Dillingham on 12-17-2012.  "Find A Grave" website).

The Children of L.Y. and Harriet (Elliot) Swan:
     A.  Sam Swan:
     B.  Sallie Swan:
     C.  Marietta Swan ("Ettie"): She was born on August 18, 1861 (1860) in Bell county, Texas.  She married William Thomas Phillips on February 1, 1883 in Bell county, Texas.  His parents were Jackson Phillips and Mary E. Williamson.  William Thomas Phillips was born on April 20, 1853 in Lumpkins, Stewart county, Georgia.  He died on September 1, 1943 in Inez, Jackson county, Texas.  Marietta died on October 27 (28), 1938 (1937) in Victoria, Texas (Victoria county).  She is buried in the Memorial Park Cemetery in Victoria.  They had the following children:
          1.  May Mary Lunsford Phillips: She was born on January 30, 1884 in Holland, Bell county, Texas.  She married Willis James Clark on March 30, 1912.  She died on November 19, 1974 and is buried in Lawton, Oklahoma.
          2.  Guy W. Phillips: He was born on November 1, 1887 in Bell county, Texas.  He married Nell Waggoner on December 25, 1910.  He died on December 15, 1967 in Richmond, Ft. Bend, Texas.
          3.  Henry Grady Phillips: He was born in 1893.  He married Florence Allison on October 1, 1916.  He died on October 16 (18), 1956.
          4.  William Dewey Phillips: He was born in March of 1899.  He was never married.  He died on October 9, 1964.
          5.  Lettie Jewel Phillips ("Pete"): She was born on February 20, 1901 in Bell county, Texas.  She married William Terry Black on December 27, 1923.  She is buried in Gonzales, Texas.
          6.  Emma Texanna Phillips: She was born on September 24, 1895 in Sparks, Bell county, Texas.  She married Ira Franklin McColloch on December 27, 1917.  He was born on December 8, 1891 in Merkel, Taylor county, Texas.  He died on June 13, 1977 in Richmond, Ft. Bend county, Texas.

(Note on Ira Franklin McColloch's family line: His parents were Samuel McColloch and Laura Shackleford.  Samuel was born 1-18-1849 in Tn.  They married on 12-1-1881.  Samuel died on 5-23-1908 in Ganado, Jackson county, Tx.  Laura was born on 9-27-1857.  She died on 3-3-1922 in Ganado, Jackson county, Tx.  Samuel's parents were Robert Porter McColloch and Christiana Caldwell.  Laura's parents were Francis Marion Shackleford and Mary Elizabeth Wingo).

Emma Texanna Phillips died on April 15, 1984 in Richmond, Ft. Bend, Texas.  They had the following children:
               a.  Thomas Ray McColloch: He was born on September 13, 1927 in Ganado, Jackson county, Texas.  He married Willie Ann Frels (one of my sources for this blog post) on June 15, 1953.  She was born on July 29, 1929 in Glen Flora, Wharton county, Texas.  They have children.

(Note on Willie Ann Frels' family line: Her parents are Earl Bernard Frels and Alice Mae Schmidt.  Earl was born on 1-13-1903 in Nada, Colorado county, Tx.  He and Alice got married on 7-9-1828.  Earl died on 2-16-1970 in El Campo, Wharton county, Tx.  Alice was born on 7-9-1909 in Columbus, Colorado county, Tx.  Earl's parents are William Henry Frels and Annie Wilhemine Weigel.  William was born on 1-11-1874 in Frelsburg, Colorado county, Tx.  He and Annie got married on 3-2-1895.  He died on 3-6-1937 in Victoria, Vicoria county, Tx.  Annie was born on 10-22-1872 in Mentz, Colorado county, Tx.  She died on 6-13-1953 in El Campo, Wharton county,  Tx.  William's parents were Claus Diedrich Bernard Frels Jr. and Wilhemine Schoellman.  Annie's parents were Conrad Weigel and Margaret Francesca Wink.  Going back to Alice Mae Schmidt: Her parents were Charles Lewis Schmidt and Sue Halyard.  Charles was born on 12-4-1859 in Columbus, Colorado county, Tx.  He and Sue were married on 1-11-1904. Charles died on 1-13-1919 in Columbus, Colorado county, Tx.  Sue was born on 8-17-1880 in Columbus, Colorado county, Tx.  She died on 2-22-1913.  Charles' parents were John Fredrich Schmidt and Maria Bergman.  Sue Halyard's parents were Alfonso Baker Halyard and Loretta Bacon.
          7.  Harvey Phillips: He was born on June 29, 1890 in Bell county, Texas.  He died in September, 1897 in Bell county, Texas.
     D.  Alfred D. Swan ("A.D." or "Alfred"): He was born in March, 1862 in Texas.  He married Rosetta Thompson; she was born in January, 1868 in Arkansas.  They settled on land that adjoined Hilry Swan's land (He was a son of Elihugh B. Swan).  Places of residence for A.D. Swan include: Holland, Texas in Bell county (in 1900) and Plainview, Texas.  A.D. and Rosetta had the following children (Note: I'm not sure the children of A.D. and Rosetta are accurate):
          1.  Anderson Swan: He lived in Plainview, Texas.  He married a lady named Ruth Barnard (She lived in Marble Falls, Texas at one point); they had two daughters:
               a.  Joyce Swan: She died at about age 24 of polio.
               b.  Frances Jim Swan: He married Virgil Cloyd; they lived in Marble Falls, Texas.
          2.  Jim Swan: He lived in Alvaredo, Texas.  He had a daughter named Betty.  Jim was a fiddler.  He stayed with Walt Hagler.
          3.  Ethal Swan: Born on October 12, 1886 and died on December 13, 1887.
          4.  Lucile Swan: She was born in May, 1888 in Texas.
          5.  Bessie Swan ("Bess"): She was born in January, 1890 in Texas.  She married a Mr. Elliott; they had two sons.
(Note: In 1900, two laborers were listed on the census: May Barber, born July 1883 in Texas and Laura Fisher, born February 1874 in Texas).
Rosetta Swan is buried in the old Volo cemetery in Bell county.  Alfred moved to Littlefield, Texas and is buried there.
     E.  Emma Swan:
     F.  James Robert Swan ("Jim" or "James"): He was born on May 4, 1874 in Bell county, Texas.  He married Mary Alice Whetstone on April 3, 1898 at the Brenham (? Is this supposed to be "Bell") Texas courthouse in Belton, Texas.  Mary Alice was born in August, 1876 in Texas.  Jim died on January 16, 1957 and is buried at Alvaredo, Texas.  In an interview between Mary Eloise (Swan) Shaw and James Robert Swan prior to his death: "Jim Swan's daddy was: Lunsford Yannell William Cock-Anderson Bang John Doodle, Rabner Rusty Cut new Swan all the way from Ole Kentucky, Clean Shaved, 21, Half Horse, Half Alligator and a little part Snapping Turtle Swan".  They had the following children:
          1.  Nicholson Swan: He was born in March, 1899 in Texas.
(Note: In 1900, the census showed James Whetstone living with them; he was born in October, 1878 in Texas).
     G.  Charley (Charlie) Swan: He was born in September, 1874 in Texas (Bell county, Precinct # 3).  He married Azilee Blakeley Lott in Bell county, Texas.  She was born in February, 1878 in South Carolina.  She lived until 1936, when she died of congestive heart failure.  She is buried in the Dunn cemetery. In 1900, both of Charlie's parents were living with them along with John Whetstone (born in October, 1876 in Texas) and William McQueen (born in October, 1870 in Alabama). Charlie died at age 27 of polio.
     H.  Joe Swan:

V.  Lavinia Swan ("Viny"): She married George W. McMurray in Rutherford county, Tennessee on January 6, 1842.

VI.  Sally Swan: She married Erasmus C. Lynch on December 4, 1833.  Surety: Moses Swan.

VII.  Polly Swan: She married a Mr. McElroy.  (Note: There was a May Swan who married an Andrew M. McElroy in Rutherford county, Tennessee on April 29, 1835.  Surety: T.G. Wooten.  Could this be the same couple?).

In 1850, Moses Swan and family were in Rutherford county, Tennessee.  At this time, he was a farmer and had real estate value of $ 8, 940.  C. Moses Swan married (2) Tabitha Neeley on January 23, 1859. 

C. Moses Swan's signed will is dated October 24, 1861.  The will was executed on June 5, 1865 at Rutherford county, Tennessee.

"Swan Will: C. Moses Swan
Probated and executed 5 June1865.  Written and signed by hand 24 Oct. 1861. Pay all debts.  Attorney Edward Cooper to handle claim against Elihu B. Swan, who was residing in Kentucky. (his son).  Each of my grand children Henry, Sarah and Margaret McMurray only children of my deceased daughter Viny McMurray were to get $ 1000 each if anything realized from the suit after expenses paid.
My children, Elihu B. Swan, Lunford Swan, Sally Lynch (wife of Erasmus Lynch), Naomi Nesbitt, Rebeccah Tatum (wife of William Tatum) and the children of my deceased daughter Polly McElroy shall have no part of my estate.
   Left John Neely $ 100 for his kindship to me.
      Left Hugh Neely $ 100 for his kindship to me.
          Remainder of estate consisting of 1 horse and buggy, notes, and accounting to others, cash on hand and any other property to my wife Tabitha Swan for her sole and separate use. 

Nominates wife as executress.
Witnesses: Thomas Edwards, I.W. Naylor"

(Note: A note from Willie Ann (Frels) McColloch: "I believe that Moses must have made a settlement of land, property, etc... on his children of his 1st marriage when he married Tabitha Neeley.  That would explain part of this will"). 

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1.  There was a Moses Swan who died in July, 1839 (Rutherford county, Tennessee).  He was 61 years old when he died.  His will was filed on October 24, 1861 and was executed in 1865.
2.  There was a Moses Swann Sr. in Lancaster county, Pennsylvania and a Moses Swann Jr. in Mecklenburg county, North Carolina.
3.  Court records of Mecklenburg county, North Carolina state (Source: Court Minutes by Briscoe):
     a.  A deed of sale from Moses Swann and wife to Joseph Swann for 400 acres of land dated October 3, 1775 was proved in open court by the oath of Joseph Johnston subscribing witness thereto.  Ordered to be registered (page 48 in source).
     b.  A deed of sale from Moses Swann Senior to Moses Swann Jr. for 400 acres of land dated October 3, 1775 was proved in open court by the oath of Joseph Johnston subscribing witness thereto.  Ordered to be registered (page 48 in source).
     c.  July, 1779.  Moses Swann appointed guardian of Sarah Giles, an orphan bound in the sum of L400. (page 150 in source).
4.  Census Notes: (Note: There are several Moses Swans; use care in determining proper identity).
     1810 North Carolina: Moses Swan listed in both Mecklenburg Co. and Lincoln Co. (North Carolina was already Tennessee).
     Note: Rutherford county, North Carolina became Rutherford county, Tennessee in 1796.
     1810 Rutherford county, Tennessee: No Swans are listed.
     1820 Rutherford county, Tennessee: Moses Swann listed with male & female household members.
     1830: Moses Swann listed in Tennessee and North Carolina (Mecklenburg county).
     1784 - 1787: State Census of North Carolina lists no Swans.
     1790 Rutherford county, Tennessee: Robert Swann listed (no boys; 3 females).
     1850 Rutherford county, Tennessee: Our Moses Swan is listed (household 1263-677), but there is also a Moses M. Swan listed, age 43 born in Ireland in 1807.
     1820 Mecklenburg county, North Carolina: Moses Swan listed on page 163. (No township listed).
     1800 North Carolina: No Moses Swan in North Carolina.  No Swans at all in Mecklenburg county.
5.  Captain R.H. Swan, son of Moses & Jane Swan, was born on October 16, 1813 and died on February 27, 1905.
6.  Moses Swan Jr.: (What is the relationship to our Moses' family?)
     Moses Swan - died November 4, 1780 (age 28)
     Margaret Swann - died July 10, 1790 (age 11)

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